Today when all over the world people demonstrate for the climate, I join the motto that Fashion Revolution posted today on its website: we are out of the office (due to a climate emergency). Personally I did not attend any event; I manifest every day with my life choices, with this blog, I have been caring for the Planet for years, I grew up with an immense love for nature and animals, perhaps thanks also to a family that transmitted it to me and I believe that it is from here, from this love, that we must start again. Few proclamations and much care for what is next to us, without thinking big, about macro-systems. Everyone does her / his own, in her / his own small way, like that hummingbird that I always like to cite (cit. Tiziano Guardini in the ‘Monthly interview‘) that with his little beak threw one drop at a time on the fire that ravaged the forest.

credits Fashion Revolution
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