It is an established and positive reality that luxury brands are slowly adapting to more sustainable choices in all stages of their production, and this for both clothing and accessories.

I recently talked about the latest Reebok models, made with natural and biodegradable materials, today I present the collaboration that YATAY, a high-end vegan sneaker brand made in Italy, has started with No More Plastic, a non-profit foundation that deals safeguarding the oceans, launching the #walkwithus campaign to raise awareness of the problem of micro-plastics that infest marine and aquatic ecosystems.

Micro-plastics are a threat as subtle as they are deadly due to their fragmentation into tiny particles that in water are exchanged by small marine living beings in plankton; by eating them, they insert them into the food chain in which other organisms are then involved together with their predators. And the chain can continue until it reaches our tables. Controlling the release of these plastics into the environment therefore means first of all safeguarding marine fauna but also ourselves.

The diffusion of micro-plastics can also occur through our shoes which, if made of plastic material, allow their diffusion into the atmosphere through evaporation.

In support of the #walkwithus campaign with No More Plastic, YATAY has launched a capsule collection signed by 4 global ambassadors: Cindy Bruna, Azza Slimene, Helena Christensen and Amelia Windsor. Each has customized their model by combining a color palette that recalls the oceans and the seabed, therefore more colorful, or opting for more neutral shades such as the classic black & white (cover photo).

The YATAY IRORI, as they are called, are made of innovative bio-based materials or bio-polyols, polymers extracted from cereals and corn, together with wood, rubber and recycled plastic; are available in pre-order on the official YATAY website in a section dedicated to the project and 50% of the profits will be donated to No More Plastic for its research and awareness activities.

“It is a pleasure and a pride to be able to present this partnership, says Umberto De Marco, founder of YATAY. Collaborating with No More Plastic on a fun project in terms of creativity, but absolutely concrete in terms of commitment to a possible change, is another important step to strengthen our mission. I think that the fashion industry, like any other, can no longer afford to ignore its impact on the environment. With the YATAY project the commitment is to embrace the cause of the environment and sustainability, thanks to ethical practices and innovative materials for an increasingly sustainable and cutting-edge production “.

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