Why the blog

Why choose to open a blog at a time when the web seems to be saturated with a bit of everything and especially fashion blogs? The answer is in the title I have decided to give to this new adventure I’m embarking; eco-a-porter would like to become a point of reference  for those who seek, in addition to the aesthetics of a dress or accessory, the added value of sustainability. Because ethical and sustainable fashion does not mean long enough to wear a formless and graceless “hemp sack” and, in general, colorless and no appeal garments or accessories, but it’s all a world of brands, people, ideas that have conquered their own space in the industry, an ever-widening space, “a silent revolution” of which even traditional fashion, the classic prêt-à-porter, has noticed, especially abroad.

As a fashion journalist, for years in the traditional industry but just as long eager to contribute to the enlargement of this space, I am curious to know and to make known and also hopeful that fashion and ethic are going more and more hand-in-hand.

The blog is bilingual but above all ‘made in Italy’ because I hope that Italy, which is still my country, where I live, write and work, and those of the field, can open a little more eyes to a reality perhaps still undervalued, along with offering an opportunity for exchange and eventual debate on the subject.

So one day we will be able to talk about eco-à-porter!

PS: the micro-polkadots blouse I wear in the pic is by Makomako, a hand-made in Bologna brand


Foto di Barbara Chiodi