No, it is not by chance that I decided to release the November ‘Monthly Interview’ in coincidence with Black Friday; I do so to underline my thought, expressed in a recent post, on overproduction, shopping fever and disposable fashion. Choosing to publish today the interview with Daniel Tocca, founder of Re-bello, is a way to enhance the work of those who think and produce with dynamics totally contrary to the logic of Black Friday, dynamics that we at eco-à-porter always seek to promote and spread.

Re-bello was born in Bolzano in 2013 with the aim of bringing a real revolution in the world of fashion: creating an authentically sustainable brand with a strong style personality. After six years the brand is a beautiful reality of Italian ethical fashion, let’s find out with its founder, Daniel Tocca.

So Daniel, the first thing I usually ask my guests is the path that led them to undertake the business, because we at eco-a-porter like stories. So how and when was Re-handsome born?

I was studying ‘Business Creation’ master’s degree in Rotterdam; my professor always told us that we should create our company immediately after the end of the studies … and I saw, in a shop right there in Rotterdam, clothes produced sustainably. At the time, it was 2009, I was already interested in fashion. So I went into the shop, touched the clothes and noticed that the materials were of quality. I read the label and with amazement I discover that all those garments were manufactured in a sustainable way with eucalyptus, bamboo and other natural materials. However, despite the quality and eco-sustainability that characterized the garments, I was not at all satisfied with the design, indeed as I would say they were ‘Kartoffelsäcke’ (Editor’s note ‘potato sacks’ translated from German).

So, starting from that shop and from my professor’s words, I started to analyze online markets, reluctantly discovering that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting in the world. I immediately understood what my path was. I called two of my friends in Milan and proposed the project to them: combining the concept of sustainability, which is increasingly important, with the concept of fashion, to give consumers sustainable fashion. And so in 2010 Re-bello was born.

credits Re-bello

I have in mind the image of the ‘Kartoffelsäcke’, it was a bit the initial idea that seemed to distinguish a certain type of sustainable fashion, which sacrificed aesthetics to ethics. And the name Re-bello, where it comes from, even if I got an idea ;-)?

Re-bello is the beautiful revolution. Re-bello was born as a revolution in the world of fashion, to challenge the fashion industry and establish itself with the claim ‘Join the revolution’. Why? Because with Re-bello you bring people to awareness without renouncing beauty and design.

credits Re-bello

On your site I found an interesting ‘eco-ranking’ linked to fibers and materials: do you want to explain it to our readers?

So we created the eco-ranking to give the consumer an overview of how we classify fabrics in various fields. Why this? Because although all the materials we use are eco-sustainable, not all of them are the same. There will always be that material that has certain advantages over another type or that better material for certain characteristics.

Credits Re-bello

Even if we usually don’t talk about leather because we prefer a cruelty-free fashion, with you I make an exception because I read about some leather tanned with olive leaves; what exactly is the process?

Tanned leather with olive leaves is a research project that we launched together with Wet Green, a German company. This project has allowed us to process the skin of animals that live in the wild in the Black Forest, without having an impact on farms, with olive leaves, creating a natural tanning, quite different from the chemical ones we are used to. A very unique project.

In fact, because I have heard of vegetable tanning but not with olive leaves. Listen, Sara Zanella of Eticlò told me about your KAURI STORE project. What is it about?

Yes, KAURI STORE is my new project. Since last year I am no longer the CEO of Re-bello and therefore I decided to focus on KAURI DISTRIBUTION and start a second project, the KAURI STORE.

KAURI STORE is the first concept store for a 360 ° sustainable lifestyle, aimed at giving companies with sustainable DNA the opportunity to emerge in the fashion market but not only. In fact, our store will allow to make the consumer known about sustainable cosmetics, accessories and much more. The project is in fact to grow the concept of KAURI STORE over time by exporting it to other increasingly green cities, such as Berlin or Monaco, including a wide range of sectors. Like KAURI STORE, we take care of the marketing of our brands and staff management. We want the customer entering our shop to be fascinated by how effectively sustainability can be experienced at 360 °.

As you know, you must now nominate the next guest, scheduled for January after the Christmas break. Who is he and why?

Now I nominate, and I hope there are no conflicts of interest, my sister Elisabeth, founder of Cora Happywear, a sustainable fashion company for babies, kids and mothers. Why exactly this sector? Well, to spread those values of courage, commitment and responsibility that every woman puts into her work and to demonstrate that with dedication there are no obstacles that can stop her dreams and passions.

Welcome brotherhood, even more if sustainable and so we also open to baby fashion, still foreign to our blog. Thanks Daniel and best wishes for your new project!

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