19 / April / 2021


And it is already, almost, Fashion Revolution!

Yes, almost another year has already passed and it is, again, Fashion Revolution. Next week, from 19 to 25 April, many events, unfortunately digitally...

Here come the tights that save the oceans

Have we ever talked about tights here? It seems to me not … about socks yes, for example those in bamboo that save gorillas,...

‘Worn stories’ airs on Netflix

It has not been since yesterday that fashion has been a show, in every sense. Cinema and television have always been interested in this...

Introducing the Cradle to Cradle Certified Product Standard Version 4.0

One of the many aspects to consider when it comes to ethical fashion is that related to certification; a brand or a company are...

Orsola de Castro: long life to our clothes!

Starting to write today, two related things come to mind, even if they happened in different periods of my life (but everything is interconnected...

Esce-Tex, digital solutions for a conscious fashion

The increasingly frequent use of digital in the fashion industry is not just a direct consequence of the pandemic; if it is true that...

Advanced craftsmanship and sustainability at White Milano

The all-digital edition (due to Covid again) of White Milano, a show dedicated to contemporary fashion, increasingly attentive to sustainability in recent seasons, ended...

And this time I myself answer the monthly interview!

For this month's interview I already had an idea (and I won't tell you which one because it's a surprise postponed to March) but...