For all lovers of the bags and accessories of the Swiss brand Freitag®, made, we know, of recycled truck covers, a beautiful Christmas opportunity; the team, or rather the ‘F-crew’, as the whole team behind (and in the front because the store clerks are also included) the brand based in Zurich likes to call itself, gift something very personal and exclusive, that is, lo and behold, their very own bags! These are unique pieces including F-bags in rare colors or models now out of the market from which the guys of the team are reluctant to part because it is just their favorite bag, carried pretty much at long outside and inside the company.

The precious gifts are 44 in all and the way in which they will be distributed “will not be decided by fate or nepotism or bribery, as usually happens at Christmas time” but only by few lines that will best convince the owner of the bag to give it into the right hands.

For those who want to take part in the ‘From the F-crew with love‘ initiative, of course without certainty to receive the gift, just fill out in English or German and send the online form below every story related to the owner of the ‘object of desire’. If you manage to intrigue him / her, a piece of his/her heart will be yours.

The first gift batch has already left but there is time until 9.00 a.m. on December 15th to be part of the second batch, while the third and last is scheduled to leave on December 15th.

Even I, F-addicted, I sent my short message and even though I know that I do not have to have any expectations, I am here that I tremble like the child I used to be waiting for Christmas.

PS: then I tell you if I won 😉 (and what)



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