The curtain down on the Vancouver Eco Fashion Week

eco fashion week photo: eco fashion week IG account

It was reported a few days ago in the official press release, that the Vancouver Eco Fashion Week, also based in Seattle, will close its doors, indeed, it has already closed them, since the 13th edition, scheduled for next April, will not be done.

A real pity, given that the event, which was part of the namesake organization, a not-for-profit founded in 2010 by eco-entrepreneur Myriam Laroche, was not just the first of its kind but also provided a platform for more than 160 sustainable designers from over 15 countries, as well as educating and leading the textile and clothing sectors to a more responsible approach and sensitizing consumers towards ways of purchasing and using clothing that are more ethical and respectful of the environment. The ‘Eco Recipe‘, as they called it within the organization, consisted precisely in providing companies, brands and individuals with the basic ingredients for practicing sustainability in the fashion sector.

The reasons for the closure of the Canadian Eco Fashion Week are due to the lack of financial support; in a recent interview on the ‘Vancouver Sun’, Myriam Laroche had just complained about the lack of support from the State and the city itself, reluctant to contribute, if not minimally, to the survival of the event: “I never thought I would have to convince anyone for support me and this is the feeling I had in the end – that I had to convince the partners that ours was a serious event and that we were committed to the right reasons “. A bitter and understandable outburst.

Anyway Myriam Laroche said she is proud of the work carried out in recent years with the organization and that, for her part, will continue to support and share as much as possible the message linked to sustainability which, in order to spread globally, has to start individually, from each of us.

Today, this blog is open for two months and one of the things I have heard most often from designers and in general in the sector of sustainable fashion is this: that will and efforts must start from the individual to ensure that a better way to think and make fashion become common, shared.

I hope this blog helps, in this sense.

Thanks to the Vancouver Eco Fashion Week for trying and having, in part, succeeded.



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