Here we are. Fashion revolutionaries around the world, let’s unite and answer the call of the trendiest global movement that exists, the one that was born in England in April 2013 in the aftermath of the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh, where thousands of textile workers died, has grown and spread like a wave, bringing with it important changes in the fashion industry. Fashion Revolution celebrates its fifth birthday and, in this month of April, precisely from 23 to 29 next, is preparing to add another piece for the construction of a future in which tragedies like that of Rana Plaza no longer happen, as also says one of its founders, the designer Orsola de Castro.

Fashion Revolution campaign

As a global movement, Fashion Revolution has coordinators all over the world, for Italy there is the designer Marina Spadafora who says: “Choosing what we buy can create the world we want: each of us has the power to change things for the best and every moment is good to start doing it “. For the last week of April, events are organized in all the countries that have joined the movement; we mention some but you can find the complete list at this link:

  • in Italy, on April 24th at 9.30 pm at the Cinema Teatro San Rocco in Seregno, in the Milan hinterland, the documentary film ‘The True Cost’ by Andrew Morgan will be shown with an introduction to the vision and final debate. A suggested donation fundraising is planned to support the Fashion Revolution organization;
  • in Scotland, in Edinburgh, ‘1138’ (as the number of victims of Rana Plaza), will be a series of events included in a unique program that will begin on 23 April at 7.00 pm and will go on until 7.00 pm on the 25th;
  • in London, on April 24th from 6.30 pm Safia Minney, the founder of the eco brand People Tree, will discuss fashion in terms of workers’ rights and environmental sustainability with experts in the sector …

…and so on for a really endless list of free and paid events.

Another action that Fashion Revolution invites to do is wearing a garment inside out, taking a selfie and posting it on social networks asking the brand in question ‘Who made my clothes?’, a small but significant action that empowers the consumer by bringing him to wonder and ask questions, involving the entire supply chain behind the garment.

Fashion Revolution San Francisco

However, it is important to know that Fashion Revolution operates all year round and invites consumers to do the same, both with actions and attitudes of openness and curiosity. Another useful tool is certainly the Fanzine of the movement of which for now I have only the #1, while I wait for the #2 that will probably be reprinted. ‘Money Fashion Power’ is the title of the first magazine, with a beautiful yellow cover with a contrasting image of a receipt, 70 pages of poetry, illustrations, games, studies and reports on the production of clothing, on how, on where, on why, everything is obviously printed on 100% recycled paper.

Fashion Revolution #1 Fanzine

One of the most important messages coming from the pages of the fanzine but in general from all the actions and events promoted by the movement is that as consumers we hold a great power, a power that is expressed in the purchase choices we make every day and brands, aware of this, follow us and listen to us. If we are not interested, for example, if we do not wonder in what conditions the people who make our clothes live or how much are paid, we become accomplices of their poverty and their exploitation.

Fashion Revolution #1Fanzine poem

I often finish my post talking about how important it is that each of us, in our own little, does its part; but is it not so that the greatest revolutions are born?

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