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It is already all in the name: Slow + Fashion + Design Community, just to give an idea of ​​the goals of this social promotion association that has recently become operational and whose philosophy is slow lifestyles to support and spread, promoting artisans and territorial realities in various sectors, from fashion to design, from food to travel to architecture. Founded by Alessandro Crosato, former designer for the Benetton Group and for MCS, in Ponzano Veneto, in the province of Treviso, the platform is a sustainable ethical pole that, for now, serves and relates above all to local productions but aims to extend nationally.

About a year and a half ago – explains Alessandro Crosato – I realized how things were changing in the fashion industry: if companies continued to proceed as usual, there were some changes from the market and consciences. Therefore I decided to do something concrete, creating together with 6 other members, all from different sectors, a social promotion association inspired by the values ​​of slow philosophy, which is based on the concept of taking the right time to make quality products and respecting the environment and people “.

But what does the activity of Slow + Fashion + Design Community actually consist of? For example, in organizing events and presentations to spread the slow philosophy, telling the stories of artisans and / or companies already operating with an ethical and sustainable approach both in design and in sales. Or participating in or promoting conferences in which various topics related to slow philosophy and all its advantages are addressed. There are also collaborations with digital and paper publishing magazines and with schools, universities and other associations.

The first project created by Slow + Fashion + Design Community, presented last April during the Salone del Mobile, is EticaLiving, a line of limited edition luxury furniture created by the collaboration between VGnewtrend, a Venetian company active in the production of furniture design and Flavio Ongaro, a craftsman specialized in the processing of denim fabrics. The association likes to define the collection ‘a philosophy that becomes material’ and of course here the materials are excellent, as well as sustainable and processed by hand: the fabrics are decorated in a unique way, so that every piece and every decoration will not be never one equal to the other.

Slow + Fashion + Design Community has its own website and many projects to carry on, including the sustainable re-launch of the Henry Cotton’s, Marina Yachting and MCS brands, currently managed by the Court of Venice. The belief of its founders is that the slow revolution must start from the designers, also for this reason the association has signed an agreement with Slow Fashion World, an international platform based in Sweden, to create a worldwide pool of designers with this type of sensitivity.


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