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Aniela Parys. Does not this sound like a movie title? Maybe an art film with vintage atmosphere, with the protagonist, Aniela, who leaves, let’s say, from Oregon, USA, to land in old Europe and make a fortune with her own fashion house. It could be a story for every period and even a compelling screenplay, if it were not that Aniela Parys really exists, she is a designer, she comes from Portland, Oregon and lives in Barcelona, where she has a brand, which bears her beautiful name, of lingerie, swimwear and clothing. Aniela, who has been working in fashion since she was very young, always knew she wanted to have her own brand, on which she started working when she was still living in Portland and then launched when she moved to Spain in March 2015.

I discovered Aniela Parys on Instagram, like other brands I talked about in the blog but this time my sister had a hand in this, suggesting it to me and for that I thank her🙏🏻; I was impressed by the naturalness of the images in which the models, at ease in their bodies lean and abundant, toned and less toned, tattooed or not, are often portrayed outdoors, amidst fields of wheat or grass and flowers, on cliffs overlooking the sea or on terraces between hanging clothes or in intimate and bright interiors, between unfurnished sheets and ornamental plants. And this, in my opinion, already gives a certain idea of the kind of style and concept that the brand wants to communicate: the handmade, the spontaneity, the use of natural materials such as cotton and linen and then many other things that Aniela herself she tells me via e-mail.

“From the beginning of my career” Aniela says “I was heavily influenced by the slow fashion movement (that is the exact opposite of the fast fashion AN); growing up in Oregon at an early age I was exposed to information about the fashion industry, and how detrimental it can be on communities and the environment around the world. My purpose has always been to offer an alternative and change the way people think about clothing. For example, our materials are mainly dead stock fabrics, which means they are trash from larger company productions, and also natural fibers like cotton and linen.


Another feature Aniela underlines of her brand is the impressive range of artistic support behind it, that she rightly considers its major strength. For each collection Aniela collaborates with artists and she values the impact they make on the project very much; set designs, photography, videography are all equally important, because they add value, not only at the product’s image but also at the message linked thereto. I think that so far Aniela has well succeeded, because it was precisely the images of her profile that impressed me like small artworks. Aniela hopes to create a platform that supports other artists and find a way of capturing the special moments she creates with them to present her collections. I think that Aniela Parys has already found the way.

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