By now you may have understood that we like talking about denim a lot; it is not only a very cool fabric, which never goes out of fashion, let’s say timeless in the most stereotyped of adjectives, but increasingly sustainable thanks to the efforts of manufacturers and brands that have become aware of how is polluting and at the same time expensive in terms of consumption of natural resources to produce a pair of jeans.

So here Wrangler too, one of the most historic jeans brands made in the USA, born in 1947, launches its most sustainable product line ever using Indigood Foam-Dye technology that eliminates 100% of water in the dyeing phase and consequently also the waste water, also reducing energy consumption and energy waste by more than 60% compared to the conventional dyeing process.

What is the Indigood Foam-Dye technique? In foam dyeing that completely replaces the water tanks and chemical baths of traditional indigo dyeing, totally reducing the amount of water needed to give denim the much-loved indigo blue tone.

The global launch of foam-dyed denim follows Wrangler Indigood’s commitment to discover and implement the most sustainable ways to dye denim throughout its production chain: “We’re proud to have helped pioneer a technology that has the potential to revolutionize sustainability standards for denim – said Tom Waldron, VP & Global Brand President, Wrangler – the introduction of IndigoodTM foam-dyed denim, represents our continued commitment to use our global scale to advance the denim industry, while maintaining the authenticity, quality and style that consumers expect from Wrangler.”

Very satisfied is Roian Atwood too, Wrangler’s Sustainability Director (whom we will have as a guest in the next monthly interview !!!): “Indigood raises the threshold of what consumers can expect from us in terms of environmental performance; we are constantly looking for opportunities to improve the sustainable impact of our products throughout the production chain and are proud of what we have achieved through Indigood.”

Indigood products will be present in the ICONS collection which includes men’s and women’s jeans, shirts and jackets in two distinct shades of denim: Good Day (light) and Good Night (dark).

Wrangler’s commitment does not stop there; the goals of the historic American brand are to conserve 5.5 billion liters of water at owned and operated facilities by 2020, to power all owned and operated facilities with 100% renewable electricity by 2025 and to source 100% sustainable cotton by 2025.

Future is already here.

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