In the latest ‘Monthly interview’ my guest Niccolò Cipriani of Rifò ‘named’ Sara and Desiree of Eticlò brand as my next guests and for me it was a pleasant surprise, because I know the brand and I met Desiree right in the store Eticlò in Bologna a few months ago (where I found the Hydrophil bamboo toothbrush). So I have seen how small this world of ethical fashion is, made up of a myriad of threads that unite stories, people, ideals and values.

So here we are with Sara and Desiree, founders of the Eticlò brand, who tell us about their adventure as the founders of a brand and an ethical concept store.

Do you want to tell us how and when Eticlò was born? What is the path that led you to found the brand?

Eticlò was born from a group of young people from the world of organic food. We met together a few years ago, with the desire to build a clothing proposal made of the same principles of sustainability we were used to in food. We wanted, however, to propose a collection, yes of substance, but also aesthetically appealing. In other words, we wanted to combine ethics with aesthetics. After months of research and study, deepening on raw materials, on production, on the needs of consumers who, like us, are looking for a beautiful and sustainable product, we finally started the project. Eticlò (from Ethical closet) was born this way: with an ideal in the heart and aesthetics as a guideline.

What are its features in terms of sustainability?

One look from the latest collection

Ours is product sustainability. In Eticlò we only use natural and organic fabrics including cotton and organic linen, natural silk, organic wool and 0 km. Furthermore, all our fabrics are pure: this means that we do not use blends of natural fibers with synthetic fibers, for example cotton-elastane. As for the dyes, instead, we orient ourselves towards colors and processes conforming to the international GOTS standards and we also choose many non-dyed fabrics.

We then package our garments at healthy and verified packaging companies, located mostly in Northern Italy. We also have an Egyptian productive partner of which we are very proud: it is Sekem, an organic company that is, even before a company, a sustainable development project born in the Cairo desert and has become an international reference.

In the Eticlò store, in the center of Bologna, you also sell other ethical brands, what are they and why did you choose them?

Yes! Eticlò is not just a brand, but a container of sustainable and contemporary proposals. In our store we sell a selection of brands that share our fabric / supply chain requirements and reflect our taste. Together with our partners we have built a real concept store that summarizes different product categories, all united by the organic philosophy and refined style. Among others, we have: Rifò (thanks to which we are here today to answer your questions!), Birkenstock, Funktionschnitt, Melidè, Par.Co Denim, Baserange, Organic Company. The most beautiful thing that unites all the brands we host in the store, Eticlò included, is that behind each brand there are young and motivated boys and girls. Sustainability in fashion is built every day by really young entrepreneurs!

And rightly so! As owners of a brand but also of an ethical, physical and online store, how is the consumer approach to buying, what do customers ask for most? And has it changed over time?

Hard to say if it has changed over time, because our project is really recent. What we observe is that today the consumer is looking for a sustainable product, he / she is interested in the quality of the fabric and the supply chain, but he / she is not willing to compromise in terms of design. No one is more willing to “excuse” sustainable product if it is not even “beautiful”. This is why it is important for brands like us to care about quality and sustainability, but also aesthetics. If we really want to propose a clean alternative to fast fashion, we have to work a lot on the style of both our collections and our shop.

It is also interesting to note that many consumers come to us because they are looking for garments in pure natural fabrics (100% cotton, 100% wool, etc.) that are not found elsewhere. In general we are realizing how uncomfortable synthetic garments are and how little quality standard products affect our health and comfort.

And a description of the latest fall / winter collection?

Our A / I collection reflects the style and philosophy of the brand: it is a collection of essential garments in style and of the highest quality in packaging and materials. Our clean and refined style embodies one of our most important guidelines: the durability of the collections. The play of volumes, the clean lines, the color chart composed but full of character: these features make the collection perfect to be interpreted according to the personality of each one.

In fact, I immediately noticed the cleanliness of the lines. We are at the end and as usual, I ask you to ‘name’ my next guest …

We nominate Daniel, co-founder of Re-bello and Kauristore, a project that will be active from December on the square of Bolzano.

Well girls, another brand that I know and that I want to let my readers know as well. Thank you so much for participating and good luck for everything!

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