Here we are at the first 2020 post; here at eco-à-porter we could not wait to start the year with many new stories and protagonists of ethical fashion and it is no coincidence that we start again with a designer we appreciate so much for talent and sympathy: Juan Carlos Gordillo, the Guatemalan designer who combines the use of natural and recycled fabrics with a constant search for sustainable ways to produce his clothes.

Right in the next few days, precisely tomorrow and later, Juan Carlos will present the new collection at the White Street Market in Milan and it is the first time in Italy for the designer, who has the support of B.E.S.T. Città dell’Arte, an operative workshop which has been committed to the development of sustainability within the textile sector since 2009.

The collection consists of two parts: the first uses elements that are inspired by the combination of USA University Sport style and the American countryside translated into a juxtaposition to which is added, as in Gordillo’s mood, a touch of Spanish and Latin influences . The intent is to convey the importance of recycling and reusing used fabrics and clothes through the upcycling technique, which is associated with the concept of circular fashion. The materials used are on the one hand biodegradable, such as Tencel, already used in the past by the designer and on the other of reuse, such as second-hand cotton sweatshirts, jeans and alpaca sweaters.

The concept of the first part of the collection

The second part, developed in collaboration with Officina +39, a laboratory focused on providing sustainable alternatives to the textile and fashion industries, starts from the idea of contaminated water but transforming it into wonderful and playful effects on an eclectic silhouette. Here too, biodegradable and reused materials, such as recycled denim.

The second part of the collection

Two words also on the location that houses the Juan Carlos Gordillo collection, the White Street Market, the first Milanese event entirely dedicated to sustainable fashion design and innovation. The show grows with each edition by offering numerous appointments between happenings, events, presentations, workshops and talks and focusing, as well as on already established fashion houses, on young designers, research brands and small and medium-sized artisan businesses.

And Juan Carlos is one of these designers, who carries out a completely personal idea of ethical fashion, freed from seasonal trends and based as much as possible on upcycling and sustainable materials. This is why we like him and wish him our best for the Italian debut of the new collection.

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