I admit, I am not very social but, above all, I am not very expert in apps; I am simply a journalist who went from print to online and then opened this blog and who, in some way, had to learn and adopt terms such as ‘post’, ‘like’, ‘follower’ and so on but just to adapt.

But yes, now I got a taste of it and I don’t mind, even if I continue to do a little resistance to the many applications that seem to do everything for us, in a little while maybe they will breathe for us too! But anyway, I discovered one that I want to talk to you about today, because it is very relevant to the issues we deal with here, therefore used, recycling, second hand, reuse and so on.

I am almost ashamed to say that it didn’t come out the other day and not even in the past year, but more or less around 2013, if I’m not mistaken. This is to reiterate the above concept. So many of you, probably, will already know it and then many excuses because I’m really late but for those who are like me and they missed it, here is Xtribe.

Xtribe is an app (for iOS and Android) based on geolocation with which you can sell, buy, barter and rent products and services with those close to you in real time, both from individuals and from shopkeepers and professionals. So also clothing and accessories and maybe the piece you have been looking for for a long time and that you have never found in second-hand markets or vintage shops.

And the added value of this app is not only the possibility of finding a unique piece but of finding it not beyond the ocean, perhaps with high shipping costs, but near your home, in complete safety and comfort.

In addition, as well as buying, even selling is very simple, the time of a photograph and you have already shared your product or service with all the Xtriber near and far, without sale commission costs, as many of the online shopping sites instead do (ebay or vestiaire collective).

The private chat then allows you to get in touch with the seller or the buyer and also to make a price proposal or in short to negotiate in complete safety.

For more information, even on the use of the platform, there is still the tutorial on the app website, so for those who discover it now like me, why not try? Better late than never, especially for sustainable choices!

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