I don’t know how many days of lockdown we have reached; at the beginning I counted them, I should have gone up to ten, then I started letting go, also because the counting increased my anxiety, so I said to myself “ok, day after day, always finding something new to do , without countdowns and unnecessary calculations, so much here things change every day ”.

I must say that I found so much inspiration in Instagram, both because a lot of streaming initiatives such as webinars, courses, interviews, presentations were born, and for many other contents created to involve people and let them, in fact, pass time inside the house. I myself had the pleasure of having a pleasant chat with Sara Francesca Lisot of VIC – Very Important Choice, whom I also had as guest in one of the first monthly interviews, indeed, if someone missed the interview, it’s on the Facebook page of the blog.

And among the Instagram initiatives, in fact, I came across the challenge #tussenkunstenquarantaine, launched by the Dutch profile of the same name, which invited and still invites people to recreate a picture with what is available there at the moment at home. Some truly amazing works were born, with the added value of unbridled creativity and originality, precisely because people use clothes and objects they have at home, therefore a beautiful example of creative recycling, which we like so much. So I invite you to visit the Tussenkunstenquarantaine Instagram page, I am sure you will be pleasantly involved and impressed.

This initiative inspired me so much that I launched my own eco-à-porter challenge call, which in reality I had been thinking for a while as a new column to open on the blog, so I thought this could be an opportunity to kick off a pilot project to ‘test’ on Instagram and then possibly continue here.

I broke the ice by posting my own interpretation of the image of a very young but already very stylish Coco Chanel, inserting an upcycled tie by AniMANILI by Carlotta Fiorini, a Bolognese designer we also presented on the blog, made with a vintage tie by Giorgio Armani:

Then I launched the challenge to some blogger colleagues, who promptly replied:

Francesca Sara Lisot from VIC, mentioned above, chose an image from the TWOOBS Footwear IG account and reinterpreted it using:

  • a tailored jacket by Banco Lotto N. 10, an ethical brand that packs inside the Venice prison thus giving new opportunities to the prisoners. They often uses leftover fabrics;
  • a wild silk turban colored with vegetable dye;
  • the GOTS cotton trousers by Eticlò brand (also guests in one of our interviews);
  • brush / mirror Tek Brushes & Combs;
  • pashmina I was a Sari;
  • earrings made with foil recycled from handmade Easter egg

Alice Micheli, mypunkbox blogger, chose a basic Levi’s look and describes her choice: “The white T-shirt is a second hand I have been having for a few years, the jeans instead is from Haikure, a young and eco-friendly Italian brand friendly, also present this year at the White Street Market in Milan “.

Laura Galloppo, blogger of Instant Mood, has always been attracted to the optical black & white and so she had no doubts choosing a Sixties photo and her second hand Versus dress purchased during a weekend at the spa with friends in the wonderful village of Pitigliano (in province of Grosseto). “I didn’t know, she says, and it was a pleasant surprise, that in this small historic center there were numerous vintage shops and so … exploring exploring and having pulled up the zip, I said to myself: ‘it’s him!’

Nice works, right? And above all the demonstration that many of us have in their wardrobe, as well as pieces of ethical brands, also vintage and second-hand garments, which acquire an additional charm if mixed or enhanced with certain combinations and / or looks.

But that’s just a taste. In the next days the choices of other bloggers that I have invited and then, gradually, the works of designers, creatives but also simple readers enthusiastic about the initiative will arrive, indeed, I am waiting for yours too, as long as you observe the few simple rules mentioned above . And who knows, this challenge will not become a new column on our blog.

Didn’t I give you another good reason for #stayhome? 😉

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