In the midst of Fashion Revolution Week and this infinite lockdown, today World Earth Day celebrates 50 years since its foundation.

The drama we are experiencing has undoubtedly made us more aware of how all Nature is no longer willing to take care of us if it does not receive as much care and attention and it is no coincidence that the worldwide lockdown that has forced humans into their home has given new life to the Planet.

Yes, in this tragic 2020 Earth Day has a special meaning and to underline it I decided to share with you the beautiful letter that Javier Goyeneche, founder of the Spanish eco-sustainable brand Ecoalf, very active since his birth in 2009 in safeguarding the Planet , sent to all its international partners on the occasion of World Earth Day. “Because this particular moment puts us in front of choices that we can no longer postpone”.

Dear friends and partners,

First, I hope you, your family and colleagues are all in good health at present.
I have been thinking about you a lot over the last number of weeks. I assure you I understand what you are going through and send you my sincerest thoughts.
Nationwide we are all facing similar problems and job wise we all have our shops and business closed creating uncertainty and concern.
This catastrophe of unprecedented scale is creating huge health issues for ourselves and our beloved and will negatively affect our local and global economies for a long time to come.

These extraordinary times require extraordinary measures. We cannot continue life as if nothing is happening. Our planet is shaking and we need to act. It is time to take responsibility. We believe we have a mission that goes beyond just business. Fashion is one of the largest consumer goods industry in the world and the second most pollutant. I believe the time when fashion was just about looking good is over. More than ever it has to be about doing what is right and feeling good about it. We have a chance and a responsibility to rethink the business model we want for the future. Nothing could be worse than a return to normality.

We would like to share our reflections and the measures we have decided to commit to with more conviction, if possible than ever:

  1. Ecoalf Team is convinced that Earth is facing a critical time and there is a need to take action NOW!
  2. Our first and urgent priority is to take care of our people. Staying together and united is the only way to be part of the solution.
  3. This situation is hitting us all (dealers, brands and producers). However, we cannot just simply pass our problems to the end of the chain. Ecoalf has decided not to cancel orders from our production partners.
  4. Ecoalf own brand stores and online sales will not advocate huge discounts when the lockdown is over. We stand by our conviction that continuous promotions and mass campaigns, like Black Friday, create more waste.
  5. We believe the fashion business model with a new trend every month and the idea of buying / throwing, buying/throwing is creating a terrible impact in the planet in terms of natural resources consumption, energy and emissions.
  6. We believe in the need to reformulate nonsensical seasonal patterns. We can only achieve this through partnering with all the different fashion stakeholders (wholesalers, agents, brands, shows organizers, agencies …). Once this is over, lets commit to aligning the seasons: sell summer throughout summer and winter throughout winter; markdown at the end of seasons and not in the middle.
  7. Everything we do at Ecoalf should be constantly evaluated with the goal of doing the less harm possible to the planet and local communities. What you do is not enough anymore. How you do it, is!
  8. Sustainability, quality and timeless design is a must for Ecoalf as a sign of durability and responsible activity. Fashion trends are not one of our core design principles. We believe good design is neither new or old. It is merely a bridge from the past to the future
  9. We don’t support overproducing. It creates waste, and natural resources are not endless. We stand by this belief, even if it results in less sales.
  10. We are not afraid to show our weaknesses, frustrations and challenges. We are not perfect and do not claim to be so.
  11. As a proud member of the B-Corp community we acknowledge that our goal is not to be the biggest company in the world but the best for the world.

This is call to action! We can transform this pain and the significant negative impact on our businesses by redefining the way the world of fashion operates.

We can achieve this by focusing our time and energy on creating a different approach to how we do business – one which can inspire other industries to do the same.

This unprecedented situation is showing us that when humanity is united in common cause, phenomenally rapid change is possible.

#Letsbepartofthesolution and work together for a PLANET BEYOND NEXT SEASON! With love and affection

Javier Goyeneche Founder of Ecoalf

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