According to our government, the lockdown will end next Monday, May 4, with the beginning of a sort of phase 2 that seems to me more 1.5 because there will still be many restrictions. I thought I’d finally go to my hairdresser but this type of activity, like beauty centers, will only open on June 1st. Far be it from me anyway to complain (even if I wonder how all these activities will survive another month closed), in for a penny, in for a pound, because it is clear that there is no joking with this virus and individual responsibility remains the most important weapon at our disposal.

In this continuous wait that creates, at least to me, a chaos of sensations, the most disparate, the appointment with the eco-à-porter challenge, launched ten days ago to all readers and followers of the blog, resumes. Briefly summarized: it is a matter of choosing a particularly inspiring fashion photography, an image of any era and style, not necessarily contemporary and of reinterpreting it by inserting an eco garment or accessory, both because of an ethical brand, and because it is vintage or second-hand or recycled.

Last time I posted the contributions of three bloggers, Sara from VIC – Very Important Choice, now at home here at eco-à-porter, Alice from mypunkbox and Laura from Instant Mood and it was nice to discover that, in addition to ethical brands, all three have vintage and / or second hand pieces in their wardrobes.

Today I post four other works, all beautiful, original and with the added value that two out of four of the creators are themselves designers, so they also included their creations:

Gaia Descovich is a Bolognese jewelry designer, her brand is called ‘Collezione dei Calanchi‘ because it was born among the badlands of Paderno, “whose beauty, she writes me, kidnaps me and transports me to a new territory: that of experimental jewelry. I take clay, rose berries, piracanta, hawthorn, lichens, leaves, seeds, pods and courageously wasp nests, wetsuits and snails of earth and I transform them into precious material for unique jewels “. Gaia chose a photograph of the Austrian designer Emilie Flöge, Klimt’s historical partner, here with a dress allegedly designed by Kolo Moser. She reinterpreted it using:

  • an original vintage Japanese kimono, travel memory of her parents;
  • an embroidered silk dressing gown from Mum’s wedding trousseau;
  • a silk skirt by Etro from her wedding trousseau, 1997. All vintage items!
  • Gaia also wears one of her creations, a necklace in Paliurus pods glazed in acrylic

Angela Coronella, blogger of theladybugchronicles, passionate about vintage (and also sells it), could only opt for a photo of Carmen Miranda, famous for the headdress she wore in her performances. Here is what she chose:

  • handmade turban of Madame Ilary, which was also the first purchased by her when her showroom was just a secret wish;
  • three brooches that are, in order, a vintage, a handmade by Je m’en fous vintage and one by Di Viganò, a historic Milanese haberdashery.

Virginia Grozio, blogger of PositivetoFashion and organizer of events related to sustainable fashion, recreates the same dreamy atmosphere of Grace Kelly with:

  • a second hand t-shirt and gloves;
  • a silk dress by the designer and model maker Gabriella Marin
    Regarding the designer, Virginia says: “I have great respect for the eco-designer Gabriella Marin; she is a talent who puts her sartorial skills at the service of sustainable fashion “.

Michela Fulgoni is the designer of Beffi Studio, a small artisan company that pursues beauty and shares the care of ‘done as it once was’. Michela personally creates transformable and adaptable clothing and accessories expressing every type of femininity and using tailoring methods and fabrics from small companies or discovered during her travels around the world to support local textile traditions and small businesses. For the challenge she chose the portrait of Elsa Schiaparelli reinterpreting it with an exclusive preview of ‘Garbo’, a transformable turban in 100% cotton, created to accompany the personality of each woman, in fact it can be worn in many different ways. Here she wears it in a ‘knot’ version, “certainly simpler than the ingenious hat-shoe of Elsa Schiaparelli” writes Michela.

Well, what to say, beautiful works, great creativity, so much vintage!

I thank all the participants and… at the next eco-à-porter challenge 😉 I am waiting for your contents!

And … #stayhome (for a while)

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