Even though the lockdown has been over for a few days and we are in phase 2, there is still a lot left of our period of home isolation , the emergency is not over and staying at home is recommendable, if not necessary. For example, I haven’t seen my parents for more than two months now but, although I could, I decided to wait a few more days to see how things evolve. Because protect them and protect those to whom I love remains my first thought.

Having said that, I am happy that the eco-à-porter challenge launched in full lockdown, continues also in this phase 2, above all it is a pleasure to receive many adhesions and truly beautiful and original works.

The protagonists of this ‘episode’, the first of phase 2, are a blogger and two creatives, which makes me extremely happy because, I have already said it but I repeat it willingly, this is also a way to present the works of the smaller and self-producing designers.

Last time I published the contributions of Gaia Descovich, jewelry designer with her ‘Collezione dei Calanchi’, Angela Coronella, blogger of theladybugchronicles and Virginia Grozio, blogger of PositivetoFashion.

Today it’s up to:

Carlotta Redaelli is an eco-fashion designer with a long background which first saw her found, with an ex-schoolmate, the organic brand ‘Made for Change’, then the brand that takes her name, ‘Carlotta Redaelli #bioattitude ‘, offering garments made only with certified organic fabrics, a short and transparent supply chain and a made in Italy production. For the challenge, she chose a cover of Vogue with Cara Delevigne shot by Peter Lindbergh, wearing:

  • an organic wool jacket decorated by hand with small studs from one of her collections;
  • a white shirt, the result of an upcycling, because she recovered it from her grandfather’s wardrobe (beautiful!) remaking the collar that was a little too rigid.

Marica Domenighini is also a designer but of jewelry, her line is called OnFingerTips and it’s about small accessories decorated and made entirely by hand using recycled materials such as wood, glass and stones. In her Instagram account she writes that she loves the scent of wood, she likes to play with colors, she is a mother and, of course, a handmade lover and jewels crafter. For the challenge she opted for a photo inspired by the film Grease with:

  • a second-hand black shirt;
  • a red bandana;
  • a pair of red decorated wooden earrings from her OnFingerTips line.

Luana Stinziani is the blogger of Il Quaderno di LaLu, on which she defines herself “a mother who does the best she can … with love, an immense love!”. And then she adds: “after a glorious university career in the humanities, I find myself doing the accounting … in a much less glorious way! I cultivate many passions, from reading to music, from travel to fashion, from handmade to art. ” Naturally Luana is passionate about ethical fashion and above all ethnic craftsmanship, so much so that she has chosen the image of an artist who represents her well: Frieda Kahlo. Both the earrings and the necklace are handmade by Mexican craftsmen, purchased during a trip nine years ago, while the shawl belongs to the mother, “generational recycling” calls it Luana, a term that I liked a lot.

These girls are always good but … where are the men? I’m waiting for you too!

Good phase 2 and to the next challenge, stay tuned!

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