The temperature is soaring even in this strange 2020 summer, luckily, I would say, otherwise it would have been anomalous in everything, with Covid still heavily influencing our lives.

Summer, then sun, then hot, then hats, like those of Rifò, another brand to which we at eco-à-porter are fond of, given that we hosted Niccolò Cipriani, the founder, in one of our monthly interview and we appreciate their philosophy based on fabric regeneration, a technique that is the pride of the Prato district in which the same company is based.

As with winter accessories and clothing, Rifò also puts the new products on pre-sale on its website for summer: they did so with polo shirts, light sweaters, shirts and, now, with hats.

Hats made with a canvas made from old regenerated jeans and whose finishes are all based on recycled materials: the ribbon always in jeans and the jersey lining made with regenerated cotton and polyester.

Three models, the Alex newsboy, the Caroline cloche and the Mimmo coppola, unisex, in three sizes and inspired by the retro atmospheres of films such as’ Once upon a time in America ‘,’ Jules and Jim ‘and’ Nuovo Cinema Paradiso ‘; the newsboy and the cloche are made by the expert hands of local Tuscan craftsmen, while the Mimmo coppola is compulsorily made in Naples.

The Lia top is also very summer and retro, always made from old regenerated jeans; v-neckline and a high rib that enhances the body shapes by stopping just above the hips, the top has a slightly but elastic fit, therefore very adaptable.

The Lia top

The hues of Lia top were taken from the sea : an intense blue like the Baltic Sea and a more subtle shade like the Atlantic Ocean, while the double-grain rice texture is inspired by the waves and evokes the wakes that the sea leaves on shore. A poem top, let’s say.

The top is in pre-sale at a special price until July 7, while for the pre-sale of hats there is time until July 15.

I, if I were you, I wouldn’t waste time! 😉

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