‘Wearing memories’: memories of a garment


‘Wearing memories’; the name the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology of New York has given to the project that this spring will become an exhibition is beautiful and meaningful. The ‘memories’ will be those of the stories hiding behind a loved garment and the real peculiarity of this idea is that the selected clothes could also be yours! The Museum is in fact inviting the public to help tell the story of a garment that holds a special meaning, sharing some images and an accompanying text that could be selected and be part of the exhibition.

Example about ‘Wearing Memories’
Photo courtesy of Museum at Fashion Institute of Technology

To take part of the project, just few simple steps:

  • first of all you may take photographs of the garment for a maximum of three images, one of which must be of the whole garment hanging or lying flat on a neutral background, preferably white or black, while the other two shots can be details or the garment worn
  • in the accompanying text, made up of a maximum of 150 words, the reason why the garment is special to you: did it belong to a beloved relative? Or was it something you wore to a successful job interview? If it is not something you wear regularly, tell why you keep it
  • the last step is sharing the images and the story by submitting the form online

The exhibition will be inaugurated on May 29 next until November 17, 2018 but only responses received by May 7 will be considered for inclusion in the gallery.

For more information and details on participation, just visit the Museum page and follow the steps that I summarized in this post and who knows that one of your garment, along with a part of you, will ‘fly’ to New York to stay there all the next summer.




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