Today, August 23rd, the eighth ‘Monthly interview’ had to come out but this is a difficult month, we know, press offices closed, all on vacation and then eco-à-porter decided to postpone the interview to Paola Caracciolo, ‘nominated’ by Tiziano Guardini last July.

I thought then to take a quick voyage over my seven great guests so far, so different from each other but united by the passion for a ‘clean’ fashion, environmentally and animal friendly, never predictable and banal but always original and in some cases even cutting edge.

Sass Brown

So I thank each of them for accepting with enthusiasm to be my guests and I start with Sass Brown, journalist, writer, teacher, activist and so much more, a true eco-fashion veteran, kind, helpful and, in short, a nice baptism for my blog that in January was born really recently!

Huda and Maria of Bokja Design – Courtesy of Bokja Design

Sass ‘nominated’ the creative duo of the Lebanese interior design brand Bokja, which tells the stories of the world through its creations, made of new and recycled materials worked with traditional techniques that emphasize the slow design.

Huda Baroudi, one of the two fantastic women of Bokja,  named Sarah Hermez, founder of the free school of fashion design ‘Creative Space Beirut’, which has the sustainability in its founding principle, not only from the creative point of view but also in the sustenance of the school itself. An intelligent example of micro-eco-system that goes from education to employment.

Sarah Hermez and Caroline Simonelli

Marina Spadafora in Tanzania for the Oikos project – courtesy of Marina Spadafora

Then April came with its Fashion Revolution week and then I took the liberty of ‘nominating’ Marina Spadafora, coordinator of Fashion Revolution Italy, fashion designer, pioneer of sustainable fashion, tireless traveler especially in the South of the world where she has often supported the work of local communities.

I tre fondatori di WRAD: Victor Santiago, Silvia Giovanardi e Matteo Ward – courtesy of Maximilian Linz Press & Public Relations

Thanks to Marina’s nomination, I met Matteo Ward, co-founder together with Victor Santiago and Silvia Giovanardi, of the brand-manifesto WRÅD that has the “mission of doing everything possible to inspire people to express intangible values ​​through tangible products, realized for the environment and people in the best way”. For example, the dyeing method with recycled graphite is one of the techniques used by the brand for its garments.

VIC’s co-founders: Sara Francesca Lisot e Francesca Romana Rinaldi – credits: Federico Simone

Matteo then named the VIC – Very Important Choice girls, Sara Francesca Lisot and Francesca Romana Rinaldi, who joined their paths to create a smart online business model with a 100% focus on ethical fashion. VIC is in fact a platform to ‘rent’ sustainable garments, a fine example of circular economy in which three clothes and / or accessories of ethical brands are usable at € 49 per month. Among the designers also present Tiziano Guardini, the eco-designer of the moment who was my last guest before the summer break!

Tiziano has been a great find too, not only from a professional point of view but also human; I was struck by his extraordinary sensitivity and his love for nature and animals and how they turn perfectly into clothes and workmanship. Tiziano is going from success to another and it is very recent the news that he will also show at the next Milan Fashion Week. Congratulations Tiziano!

Tiziano Guardini

Well, the quick voyage is over. Waiting for Paola Caracciolo, shoe designer, guest of September nominated by Tiziano Guardini, I still thank my guests of these first seven months of the year, all supporters of this extraordinary change that is less and less niche and more and more global. Long live the eco-fashion!

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