My love story with my brother-in-law’s cargo pants


For the last day of Fashion Revolution I want to share an intimate and special thing that is my personal ‘Clothing Love Story‘ with the garment I love probably most, either because it is one of the oldest I have or because it has a long history behind or, because, simply, it is to my eyes, even today, beautiful and I wear it often, with everything.

Cargo pants detail – courtesy by me

It’s about the cargo pants I inherited from my brother-in-law (still alive and well, forbid!) through various family steps that involved my sister first, then my mother. Surely they are at least 30 years old because my brother-in-law wore them when he was doing military service in the army but looking and touching the fabric, a nice heavy cotton made in Germany, it seems to have been produced only yesterday, so it is still beautiful and solid. When my brother-in-law didn’t wear them anymore, he gave them to my sister, who then brought them at my parents’ house and for a while my mother wore them, especially for gardening; I saw them sometimes around the house, but in a distracted way, perhaps leaning on some chairs, but I did not focused on them, I thought mostly they were too large for me. Then one fine day, the delayed love at first sight. I wore them casually, I was at my parents and I wanted something comfortable to stay out in the garden and … from that moment I did not leave them anymore.

Cargo pants detail – courtesy by me

Being quite heavy I wear them especially in the cold months and I must admit that it’s hard for me to part with them when the heat comes, reluctantly I wash them, fold them and put them in the winter clothing box but then it is always a joy to take them out in the fall. I love them for many reasons: because they are a nice sage green now quite faded, like stone-washed effect, because they are large and comfortable and have two beautiful side maxi-pockets where I put everything, because I wear them with a camouflage cotton belt (even this historic and repaired to be able to use it again), with which they are to die, because they have the buttons closure as I like, because they have some holes but I know only I😉, because I wear them with everything, even with the most feminine blouses or blazers and the contrast is captivating.

Cargo pants detail – courtesy by me

Sometimes when I take them out at the beginning of the season I wonder of the desire I still have to wear them and I find myself in love with them as the first day I wore them, now so many years ago that I do not even remember when. But if there is love, as in all things, there is no need to ask too many questions, everything is easy, spontaneous and, above all, endless. ‘Loved Clothes Last‘.



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