Today, the first day of Fashion Revolution, as well as reminding you of the first appointment of the #Imadeyourclothes series which will be broadcast tomorrow at 6pm on the eco-à-porter Instagram profile, guest Michele Stignani, project manager of Wao – the Eco effect shoes, I share with you a new slogan that the movement has created for this new edition.

This is #whomademyfabric, something that goes beyond the production of the garment to trace the origin of the fabrics and even before the materials with which they were made. Where does the viscose of our t-shirt come from? Who collected the cotton for the sweater we wear? And so on.

A question that you can ask the brands of your clothes and whose answer (or not answer) will help you make more responsible and informed choices.

In addition to the appointments with eco-à-porter, there are many others, organized by designers, brands, activists, I invite you to follow the profiles of Fashion Revolution and Fashion Revolution Italia to find out about dates and events.

Stay tuned!

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