Yes, almost another year has already passed and it is, again, Fashion Revolution. Next week, from 19 to 25 April, many events, unfortunately digitally due to the usual distressing Covid restrictions, will animate the end of this spring month only on the calendar, given the winter cold that has returned merciless.

But we warm up with the passion and activism that this event, since 2013, the year of its foundation, animates the hearts and consciences of us lovers and supporters of sustainable fashion.

This year eco-à-porter organizes three events based on one of the slogans of the Fashion Revolution or #Imadeyourclothes; we have involved three brands which for particular reasons may well represent the spirit of this slogan and which can be translated with transparency, certification, responsibility of the entire production chain.

In fact, saying #Imadeyourclothes is easier said than done because tracing all the stages of production, from finding the raw material to the finished product, with the certainty, on the part of the consumer, that all the requirements that make a garment truly sustainable, is a challenge that not everyone is able to win and from here develop those so-called greenwashing practices that pass off as ethical something that is not or is only in a small part.

The three brands chosen try to respect, with responsibility and transparency, all the criteria of #Imadeyourclothes and the talks with their founders will try to tell it, not only in words but also by showing materials, techniques and curiosities about the production phases.

The first, live on Instagram on Tuesday 20 April at 6 pm, is the sneaker brand Wao – The Eco Effect Shoes; you followers of the blog, you will have already met Michele Stignani, the volcanic project manager of the brand. Here, I will connect with him to talk more deeply about the Nylong model, the shoe made of 100% Econyl, to demonstrate how a product is really able to follow a path of circular economy, in other words’ from cradle to cradle ‘.

The appointment with the second brand will be Thursday 22 April, at 6 pm again; I will have the pleasure of introducing you to Sirene Ethical Beachwear, a newborn swimwear brand founded by the two Bolognese designers Lucia Chiodi and Carlotta Fiorini. This project was conceived precisely with the aim of supporting and disseminating the principles of Fashion Revolution for a fashion, in this case seaside, which recognizes a fair value at work and an essential attention to the environment. For the production, materials recovered from company surpluses were then used, assembled and sewn by Social Chic Design, a tailoring workshop that works for the integration and enhancement of people in social disadvantage. And then… much more that we will reveal to you next Thursday!

Finally, last but not least, Friday 23 at 6 pm we will conclude with the designer Nicoletta Fasani, who has already been our guest in a particular moment, since I had been to visit her in the atelier, in Milan, a few days before hell of the pandemic broke out. I remember that visit as a wonderful quiet moment before the storm. Nicoletta, live from her atelier, will present her new collection for s / s 2021, showing us, as in past works, her dedication to sustainable and quality production.

I would say that I just have to give you an appointment on Tuesday 20 April at 6 pm from my Instagram profile to find out who makes your clothes and your shoes! #staytuned!

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