One of the events that I had proposed not to miss this summer was the July edition of Neonyt Berlin, an unmissable appointment for international ethical fashion. But I hadn’t dealt with Covid; many events, in fact we say all those that involved more or less large gatherings, have been canceled and these also naturally include fairs and fashion shows.

So, for this year, bye bye Berlin; we will get back to that, I hope, in January 2021 but this does not mean that there is no possibility of organizing differently using the Internet, as it was also in the long period of the lockdown.

Neonyt adapts, albeit reluctantly, focusing on collaboration with two online B2B platforms: The Brand Show Circular and Joor. The exhibitors and brands that usually took part in Neonyt will be able to use the digital services offered by the platforms to present products and news, in order to maintain at least virtual contacts with their audience.

The Fashionsustain conference, which includes the participation of speakers from the sustainable fashion sector, will also be held online via the organization’s social networks in the week from 13 to 17 July: topics related to innovation, sustainability and technology using various audio and video formats. The complete program with dates and participants will be announced in the coming weeks.

Neonyt, like many other bodies, organizations and employees in the fashion sector, faces this post-pandemic with the conviction that an epochal change of course can take place from the current global health and economic crisis, capable of ‘convincing’ even the most productive systems rigid to find innovative solutions that are less impactful and more sustainable and to focus on solidarity with consumers.

Aware of the moment of reflection and of greater awareness that the whole fashion industry is experiencing, Neonyt, which has always focused on the “community of sustainability” and the values connected to it, greets its audience hoping that the winter edition, the one of January 2021, both physical and real again, because no digital meeting can replace a real face to face.

We will have to get used to this anomalous summer 2020.

Cover image: courtesy Neonyt Berlin – Messe Frankfurt

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