It is with particular pleasure that I talk again about Neonyt, the new name given to the Ethical Fashion Show in Berlin which, together with Greenshowroom, is an inevitable appointment for international ethical fashion.

Ended July 4, the event was the setting for the final of the sixth edition of ISKO I-SKOOL, whose protagonists were the guys I followed at the denim seminar last March in Castelfranco Veneto. Seeing them again and discovering their creations gave me a certain emotion, because unlike the other editions, this time I knew them and I remembered everyone, I remember something.

The ISKO I-SKOOL Grand Finale, held for the first time ever at the Glashaus-Arena Berlin, brought together influential personalities from the fashion industry (especially sustainable like Orsola De Castro, upcycling designer and co-founder at Fashion Revolution) to discover the ‘New Denim Codes’, this year’s creative theme, which the students had to inspire themselves for their creations.

Launched in January 2019 at the international trade show Premium Exhibition in Berlin, the project’s Creative Theme “New Denim Codes” challenged the designers’ creativity to explore a novel perception of the body, developing the right fit for any shape or form.

The finalist designers had to go beyond the creation of a single outfit, designing a complete capsule collection by selecting some of the most advanced ISKO denim fabrics and patented technologies.

And the jury, an authoritative panel of creative and technical experts, composed among others by Francisco Costa, former Creative Director at Calvin Klein, Sara Maino, Deputy Editor of Vogue Italia and Orsola De Castro, elected the winners basing on several criteria, such as the impact of the finalists’ vision and storytelling and the actual marketability of the garments, created with the help of ISKO’s Creative Room.

Responsible Innovation was an integral part of the designers’ projects as they tapped into ISKO premium fabrics, all of which are created implementing responsibility throughout every step of the production process.

Winner of several awards, including the Best Overall Student Award and the Vogue Talents Special Mention, the Chinese Xiaohui Lyu of the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology (BIFT), while the awards for sustainability and responsibility went to Shirin Fakhradin Araghi of the Akademie Mode & Design (AMD) and to Bilge Hakan Gurkaynak of Polimoda.

The eco-à-porter compliments go both to the winners and to all the finalists, guys with whom I had the pleasure of talking to and who will become or are already very careful designers and engaged in the themes dear to our blog.

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