This is not an ordinary end of the year, as it was not an ordinary Christmas, we know it well, indeed, there’s no need to repeat it. And precisely because we have never had a New Year like this, that I want to project myself immediately into 2021, that it will be tomorrow and that it can only be better. Because, worse than this 2020 has been, it cannot be.

Even the protagonists of the wishes (and there is also a wonderful dog!) that, like every end of the year, come to close and start the old and new adventures of eco-à-porter, think so and hope so.

Wishes full of hope, of positive expectations that come true, of “people happy to wait for something precious”, of awareness, of essentiality, of research and discovery, of smiles and graces, of truth and healthy relationships, of second chances , of strong connections.

“For footwear manufacturing I dream of a world of entrepreneurs, artisans, small, agile and cooperative ones. The end of capitalist employees, the involvement of the individual in all phases of creation, production in the right quantities and direct sales to the final customer. I dream of people happy to wait for something precious, which only arrives at the end and with a lot of patience”. (Daniela Diletti aka La Marchigiana)

“I hope 2021 will bring us much more awareness, after what we have all experienced this year it is now impossible to close our eyes or turn away. I wish there was greater awareness in our daily choices, in our closet as well as when we shop. There is a thread that unites us all from one end of the world to the other and this thread moves on the basis of our choices. Let us always remember ”. (Angela, blogger of  TheLadyBugChronicles)

“A Kindest Wishes from VIC to bring lightness and confidence for the new year in an unpredictable period, of which we have yet to fully discover and understand the new opportunities. I am happy to see that after many years of work by colleagues and people who came before our generation, finally in fashion the theme of sustainability has become fundamental and no longer just a bizarre “. (Sara Francesca Lisot, founder of VIC – Very Important Choice)

“I wish everyone an ‘essential’ Christmas. We accept 2020 as an opportunity to reflect and begin 2021 with strong creativity towards healthy change “. (Francesca Marchisio, fashion designer)

“I wish everyone to live well in their clothes, that wardrobes become chests full of treasures to be discovered, that the search for what suits us becomes a fun treasure hunt, that may be pleasant the discovery of who is behind what we wear. I wish everyone the awareness that fashion has a much deeper value than putting on clothes, and that discovering this value can be liberating but above all beautiful, because it makes you feel part of something “. (Federica Centore, designer of centore)

“I hope to make sustainability even in invisible things that cannot be used in communication: a smile and a thank you to those who work with us, an invoice paid on time, a price accepted without asking for discounts. Because doing sustainability also means respecting and safeguarding a precious supply chain. ” (Gaia Segattini, designer of Gaia Segattini Knotwear)

“May this particular Christmas bring more truth, love and respect into people’s hearts. In this year we have been forced to rethink what is really important in our life, we have been forced into our homes for months, but this has generated a reflection highlighting what we really lacked: nature, relationships. We treasure this teaching and change our paradigms. Having less and valuing more, thus making room for real things, the beautiful things in life, the simple ones: relationships, nature, laughter with friends, putting more substance than appearance into our life. Fashion is a wonderful tool but it can also engulf you and make you feel missing, triggering a bulimic need to have. Let’s get rid of all this and restore value to fashion, choosing garments that excite us with a story behind them, that can support us and instill confidence during our daily challenges, of which we are proud and of which we would never want to get rid of. I wish you a wonderful new year filled with news, reflection, change and love. Best Wishes!” (Letizia Cruciani, designer of CRU LE)

“In this photo there is an awkward attempt at a selfie, but that’s not all. There is the second chance I gave to Rio, a lively dog that lived in a kennel until a month ago, and the second chance I gave to newly purchased vintage clothes that are now ready to start a new life with me. How beautiful are the second chances, the ones we can give to objects, people and even ourselves. For a new year full of second chances. This is sustainability too! “(Laura, Instant Mood blogger)

“Never like this year, closed at home in the first lockdown, in the province of Brescia, I have understood the importance of sustainability. I felt very deeply the fragility of us human beings, inserted in an even more fragile and delicate ecosystem. As a social media manager and image consultant, I felt the need to use the resources that I use most often in a different way: social networks to create strong connections in a difficult moment and not just as a mirror of fake perfect existences, to talk about how we can change the world – yes, it is a great ambition but I write it – starting from the small things. By choosing clothes, products that have controlled supply chains, processes that do not impoverish the environment and communities. We can really make a difference starting from our choices. Let’s do it together!”. (Isabella Berardi, social media manager and founder of TheFashionCherryDiary)

Beautiful words those of our guests, because they not only involve the professional aspects but also the private ones of each of us, of our being people who have families, friends, colleagues, employers, employees, etc. etc.

I share them all and add one thing of mine, which has emerged forcefully in this unfortunate 2020: the lockdown and the pandemic have been difficult for me as for everyone but at the same time I felt a resistance that I did not have or that I did not think I had, together with a confidence and a determination in my abilities that have opened new paths for me, paths that will develop in this upcoming 2021 and that I do not know where they will lead me. Certainly somewhere. And this is much better than standing still.

Happy New Year to all, my dear faithful readers.

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