Girls Grown Wild VI' Ecosex Pinup #1 - Ecosexual Bathhouse / Image: Matt Sav - Concept: Pony Express (Ian Sinclair & Loren Kronemyer)

I like the idea of ​​a column that talks about sex like a biodegradable fabric or a recycled garment, because now the eco trend is no longer relevant to fashion in the strict sense but has extended to a wide range of sectors, including, precisely, that of sex. After all, thinking about it, it is also fairly logical that those who look for natural materials for their wardrobe or eco-friendly cosmetics for their own body, especially if they are vegetarian or vegan, are also inclined to think about respecting the environment even to bed. Actually, we have been talking about eco-sex for so long and who has focused, for example, on the production of green condoms and / or sex toys made of reusable materials (there are those who also produced the blow-up doll made of recycled plastic!) has received many approvals, at least in the United States. Even in Europe, companies and startups have launched themselves into the world of sustainable sex with the blessing of even Greenpeace! Here in Italy the production is still shrinking but there is still the possibility to buy the various eco brands online.

In addition to various objects and contraceptives, there are true movement that celebrate eco-sexuality by putting it into a context of total immersion in nature, with orgasms in contact with sand or sex with trees; then there are subject studies with ad hoc thesis and performances such as artists Loren Kronemeyer and Ian Sinclair who, at the LiveWorks, an experimental arts festival in Sydney, participated with the interactive installation Ecosexual Bathhouse, based on an erotic-sensory experience with baths in moss and in general a very intimate encounter with the biosphere.

So many stories to tell, from the pioneers of the first vegan condom to the protagonists of the eco-sexual movement that is increasingly adept to novelties in sex toys and in general of the ‘ethical chain’ of the industry, because sex can also be a way to reconsider the relationship with nature, re-learning to love and care it.

Here, too, you are welcome to work and advise, even on direct experiences!😜

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