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It is likely that for Stella McCartney, the daughter of such a father, was not as difficult as maybe for other designers to get in the fashion industry but the recommendations are of little use when there is no talent; Stella has shown a lot of talent since the beginning, both at the helm of brands like Chloé, both with her own collection, thus distancing the spectre of the invading surname and establishing herself with a minimalist style, comfortable but able to enhance the body of women and, which interests us more in this blog, sustainable and 100% cruelty-free.

Brought up as a vegetarian on an organic farm, Stella McCartney has never given in to the use of leather, feathers or fur for her creations and continues to do so, replacing them with alternative and innovative materials produced through studies, researches and tests that combine natural and synthetic fibers. The latest in terms of time was a silk-like fabric that the designer presented in the backstage of the latest s/s 2018 fashion show in Paris, developed in partnership with the Californian company Bolt Threads. And in the new collection McCartney has extended the use of veggie leather, previously used only for shoes and bags, even for clothes, including a caramel trousers with a drawstring to close the hem, so soft and wide to look like a track pant.

Stella McCartney S/S 2018
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It is the Eco Alter Nappa, a material made from recycled polyester and polyurethane (water based, therefore free of chemical solvents) with a coating made with over 50% vegetable oil, in order to decrease the use of petroleum.

Also the other fabrics are, or of biological derivation, like cotton, then used also for jersey and denim or ‘regenerated’ as Re.Verso ™, made in Italy from post-factory waste, which replaces cashmere, as precious as impacting from an environmental point of view.

Stella McCartney S/S 2018
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Aware that sustainability is based on many factors and that every little gesture makes a difference, Stella McCartney and her team consider their own a journey that in some respects is still at the beginning, a journey made of small steps able to make the brand ever more ethical and responsible, with the constant aim of giving back to the environment what has been taken from it and this to “every dress designed, every opened store and every product manufactured”.

In this regard, McCartney believes that the best way to create a sustainable fashion is to ask questions about how and where a dress is made and with what materials and that “it’s really the job of fashion designers now to turn things on their head in a different way, and not just try to turn a dress on its head every season“.

Thank you Stella, therefore, because the real talent was that of having put your ‘credo’ at the service, yes, of luxury but above all of an ethic that respects animals and the environment, opening the way to a fashion that from top to bottom becomes a little more responsible every season, both for those who produce it and for those who wear it. And this without giving up on beauty.

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