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Desire of sea also this year …

Desire of sea also this year …

It is true, let’s not kid ourselves, summer 2020 will be different; I read before that the entrances will be limited in number even on public beaches, perhaps we will have to book as in the restaurant, that the swimming pools will probably be closed and so on, in a regime of control that will surely make many to pass.

But we don’t, we don’t want to give up because we love the sea too much, at least I, born in the mountains but to whom I have always preferred open spaces and infinite expanses, therefore, even with the limits that will impose us, yes on the beach and consequently to beachwear.

With the arrival of summer, we always report sustainable swimwear brands and this year we start with Mermazing, an Italian swimwear brand born from the creative flair of two cousins, Alessia and Vanessa, who share a passion for fashion and the sea.

Alessia and Vanessa

The two cousins say that having grown up between Latina and Sabaudia, with a deep love “for our blue brother” and the origin of a family of entrepreneurs who, although not working in the textile branch, provided them with a well-defined work setting outlined, led them to imagine a line of costumes in full respect of Nature. Starting three seasons ago from a meticulous research of strictly made in Italy fabrics, Alessia and Vanessa arrived to Aquafil, which recently produced ECONYL, the regenerated yarn that we already know very well.

The material choice was not very wide, also because so far the two designers have not been using printed yarns, opting for monochrome precisely to bring out the beauty of the fabric itself, but it was okay, the path was now traced, because it fully reflected their thought, linked above all to the protection of water through the recycling of recovered plastic. A commitment, the environmental one, which they also apply in everyday life, away from work, choosing recycled and / or recyclable materials.

The common thread of Mermazing garments is purity; purity in the forms, purity in the lines, purity as an inspiring mood, in other words essentiality, also in the chromatic choice that refers to the shades of the sea and those of the earth.

Two one-pieces Mermazing – courtesy Mermazing swimwear

The spring / summer 2020 collections offer a dip in the 90s with sports-inspired silhouettes and references to fashion icons of the time such as Lady Diana and Pamela Anderson. New for the season is the profiled line which includes the Elisea, Diana and Luana models, all available in white / black, fuchsia / orange and pink / burgundy.

The brand’s must-haves are the velvet creations in the Vany, Giuly and Mia models, while for the Lycra line, which focuses on the brilliance of the fabric, there are Martina, Malisa, Pamela, Nadia and Lina. Pamela is another 2020 novelty: a one-piece swimsuit inspired by Baywatch’s sexy lifeguard, characterized by the brand logo imprinted in a holographic way.

Even the beachwear line, or the ‘out of the water’, offers a must-have of the 90s: the pareo, made of recycled polyamide with 22% elastane which gives the fabric an exceptional malleability. The Marina shirt, in oversize, with a masculine cut, in optical white with buttons and contrasting logo in the colors of the collection, is in 100% natural linen.

The linen shirts

And I conclude with a consideration by Vanessa and Alessia, essential even from the moment we are living: “we believe that no one, right now, can remain impassive in front of the impact that fashion has on the environment. After the Covid emergency then, with the images of Nature that has recovered its spaces and its rhythms, no one can remain deaf to the cry for help that the Planet has launched. The time for reflection is over, we must all take action, starting from the small things. “


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