Swimwear that comes from the sea (and saves it)


Summertime, sea time, swimwear time; and since my last post talked about, among other things, ECONYL®, sustainable yarn made from industrial waste, textile waste and especially from fishing nets recovered from the depths, why not talk about one of the brands that uses it for its swimwear? Just to direct you to the most ethical choices for your holidays (for those who will go there of course, but there are also sustainable swimwear for the pool!).

So, I said that Carvico SpA and Jersey Lomellina SpA are the two Italian companies that hold the worldwide exclusive of using ECONYL for the production of fabrics for the swimwear and beachwear industry; the brands that use these high-performance technical eco-fabrics are really many, both in Italy and abroad. One of these is Marble Swimwear, an independent brand of luxury swimwear, Australian born and English of adoption; on its website the label is defined ‘international at heart, with the planet in mind’, therefore the commitment to ensure that every single element of production is environmentally conscious is total.

On May 8th the label launched a campaign to crowdfund the first collection ‘Ocean to Ocean’ through Indiegogo in partnership with the influencer Sarah Kohan, who has a followed travel Instagram account; the swimwear’s collection is made of ECONYL, using 78% waste materials taken straight from oceans around the world. “Weave with the most advanced Lycra on the market” says the founder Sian Larkin “and the result is a first-class standard of swimwear fabric that doesn’t harm the planet”.

We finally have a product we truly believe marries our passion for the planet and our obsession with swimwear”, Sarah Koan comments; she is right, because nowadays beachwear and swimwear are almost close to daywear in terms of style and aesthetics. It is no coincidence that many designers have launched beachwear look in the city for summer.

Curious then the choice of Marble Swimwear to call the pieces of the various bikinis like the protagonists of environmental struggles, both at sea and on land; there is for example the ‘Michele top’ dedicated to Michele Kuruc, the Vice President of Ocean Policy at the WWF, committed against illegal fishing practices or the ‘Elissa top’ named after Ellie Sursara, wildlife biologist and activist who is currently studying the micro plastic that infest the oceans, while the one piece ‘Ramsey’ is for Ocean Ramsey, diving instructor who swims with the sharks.

In order to close the loop, Marble Swimwear is donating 10% of all profits to a partner organization, Healthy Seas,  which facilitate the process of cleaning oceans by removing discarded fishing nets and which will be the protagonist of the streaming-event from Santorini island the next June 8th.

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