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Eco-à-porter has often dealt with the denim matter, giving several examples of brands and companies that try to produce it as sustainable as possible, paying attention, for example, to the consumption of water or the use of chemicals to treat them and / or color them.

A few days ago, on 24 and 25 October, in Amsterdam, the Kingpins Show, the fair dedicated to the world denim industry that is located also in New York and Hong Kong, was held in Amsterdam. For Andrew Olah, the founder of the event, having chosen Amsterdam and not London, Paris or Milan, is mainly related to the collaboration with the House of Denim, a non-profit organization that works for a more sustainable, innovative and collaborative approach to denim industry.

Based in Amsterdam, the organization includes the Jean school, where people learn everything there is to know about denim, a research center that examines issues related to water, chemicals and recycling in fabric production and a denim museum. Inside the House of Denim hub there is also the headquarters of G-Star Raw, which is one of the brands we have dealt with for its sustainable and innovative approach to denim.

And it’s from Jean School that come James Bear Mottram, Maxime Linn e Muhammad Umar Manzoor, who collaborated with the Italian company Elleti Group, leading manufacturer for denim treatments in Europe and in the Mediterranean area, to produce ReMind, a special capsule collection aimed at taking the past as a spark to ignite and inspire the future while promoting a more sustainable approach to the denim production process.

James Bear Mottram’s vision looks at the spirit of old seamen and sailors to recreate their classic worker style pants. He designed tapered cropped jeans featuring embroideries and patches. Inspired by the Beatles, Maxime Linn created high-waisted pants with double belt loops and a layer with undone edges, while Muhammad Umar Manzoor devised wide-leg pants with visible button fly and slanted pockets on the front, as well as asymmetric patch pockets on the back.

ReMind – The three capsule collection models

Starting from their original concepts, Elleti Group took in hand their development, culminating in the delivery of unique, finished products, realized both according to the most traditional production techniques and utilizing the best eco-solutions available nowadays.

Showcased at Kingpins Transformatorhuis – Booth T4, the capsule collection ‘ReMinded’ visitors how important it is that a universal fabric such as denim should be the bearer of equally universal values that regard our future as that of our (unique) Planet.


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