Do you remember the ‘Sustainable Thinking’ exhibition organized by the Ferragamo Museum in Florence? I was going to visit it in March last year but the cursed pandemic blocked everything and frankly I’m still trying to figure out if they extended it (I read until January of this year but I’m wrong or we have been closed again and closed cultural activities too?).

Anyway, if you know anything about it, please let me know.

Having said that, there is a reason why I am telling you about that exhibition; it is news a few days ago that Salvatore Ferragamo has launched an online platform accessible from, and the revamped (that offers in-depth content and integrates with the new, offering an immersive, more effective, user-friendly experience), naming it, indeed, Sustainable Thinking, with the purpose of deepening thematic features that embrace 360° sustainable thinking.

The digital platform wants to bring the brand’s responsible projects and activities together in one conceptual space, sparking conversation thanks to an international network of contributors with diverse experiences and perspectives, coming together to hold discussions surrounding the continuous evolution of sustainability issues.

With a focus on dialogue and open-mindedness, Ferragamo sees Sustainable Thinking as a challenge to use the internet differently, valuing dialogue as a key aspect of sustainability and inclusivity, because culture and sharing lie at the heart of the recovery at this historic moment in time when fragmentation has become normality.

Our industry has had to rethink timing and priorities. Sustainable Thinking is a starting point and the course we are charting to achieve the shared dream of an ever more sustainable future,” explained CEO Micaela le Divelec Lemmi.

The Sustainable Thinking manifesto reads like this:

In order to act sustainable, you need to think sustainable.
Sustainable thinking is at the heart of who we are.
It’s about taking care of our footprint in the world.
The way we continue in the footsteps of Salvatore Ferragamo, creating lasting joy through
constant innovation and resourcefulness.
Heritage is our renewable energy.
We work with people, for people.
Inclusion, equality, and ethical conduct
are the foundation for all we build.
From the very core, to the fringe of our organization
everyone is involved first-hand
in keeping these principles alive.
We run together, we plant seeds, we look after each other,
we nourish the culture that raised us.
Sustainable Thinking is where we started.
It’s where we’re going with every step.
It’s how we carry forward the collective dream of progress.
Our everyday purpose, our centre of gravity.
Sustainable thinking is our pledge to be accountable for creating a beautiful enduring reality.
Hand in hand with craft, technology and discovery.
Because our biggest achievement is to make sure, every day,
that we’re manufacturing a better tomorrow.

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