The increasingly frequent use of digital in the fashion industry is not just a direct consequence of the pandemic; if it is true that events, fashion shows, fairs have necessarily passed online for the reasons we now know, it is equally true that online platforms have become the best tool for communicating and disseminating certain issues, such as green thinking in all its facets .

Marketplaces and e-commerce are born and grow aimed at the sale of products and services dedicated to conscious fashion and in this area Esce-Tex is positioned, a just online English digital platform, which aims to provide materials but also tools and technical knowledge to encourage the use of responsible solutions to improve the environmental impact of the fashion industry which, we recall, is second only to oil as a power pollutant.

In such a crucial moment, in which all sectors and fashion in particular are undergoing major transformations, it is essential that there are not only innovative production models but also solutions and answers for consumers, who are trying to understand the ecological impact of their purchasing choices.

Esce-Tex was created precisely with the aim of increasing accessibility to certain information with consulting services and together it offers a wide selection of certified fabrics starting from one meter; in this regard, the platform has started a partnership with Lenzing’s Tencel, one of the leading products of the Austrian company, which has made the circular economy its production workhorse. Each fabric also comes with transparent social compliance documentation and credible environmental certifications.

Designers and brands, if they wish, can request bespoke digital printing customizations to ordered fabrics, while the consulting team, made up of professionals with expertise in supply chains, sustainable development and the fashion industry as a whole, provides educational resources through podcasts, factual reports and strategies aimed, for example, at reducing waste.

Let’s say that consumers and professionals in the sector have no more excuses: information is increasingly at hand, just look for it and really want to know. This is where the change for a conscious fashion starts.

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