Have we ever talked about tights here? It seems to me not … about socks yes, for example those in bamboo that save gorillas, so let’s add another piece to the puzzle, also because, apart from the summer, the tights are a piece that is used practically all year round (and it can be transformed into legging by cutting off its feet, if we are bored or the toes are pierced, small reuse tip).

“Resistant like steel, delicate like a spider’s web”, this is how synthetic resin or nylon is defined at the time of its invention, in 1935; shortly thereafter it will become the material par excellence of tights, supplanting the more expensive silk.

But we know, nylon comes from the family of synthetic polyamides and alone accounts for 10% of ocean pollution, so it is welcome to find less impactful alternatives for the production of accessories that are so loved and essential as tights.

Together, RadiciGroup, a leading Italian company in the production of polyamides, synthetic fibers and techno-polymers for applications in various fields, mainly in the textile / fashion sector and Oroblù, a high-end socks brand, tried to work together to create the first tights with yarns obtained from the recycling of PET bottles.

The recycling of PET for textile uses is a well-established reality and more and more brands are using it, especially for clothing and bags; the yarn obtained from the post-consumer recycling process of plastic bottles in the RadiciGroup laboratories was baptized Repetable, from which was born ‘Oroblù Save the Oceans’, black tights, 50 deniers, which in the name itself bears the intent of the project , that is, saving the oceans.

We have worked side by side with Oroblù to bring to market beautiful, high-quality and eco-friendly tights – a product capable of meeting the needs and demands of even the most environmentally conscious customers.  And we are very proud to work with a company of excellence in our region“, Angelo Radici of Radici Group points out.

‘Oroblù Save the Oceans’ tights will available for purchase at selected premium lingerie boutiques and department stores starting in August 2021, when the Fall/Winter 2021 collection is delivered to sales points.

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