For this baby new 2019, we have asked some of the protagonists who have filled the pages of eco-à-porter, to make a wish, something special related to their work and the spirit that characterizes it, which is that of an authentic creativity, far from passenger trends and disposable products.

A creativity that identifies with a fashion made to last, beautiful outside but also ‘inside’, designed to make the wearer feel good, but also those who produced it and with the least possible impact on the environment that, let’s remember, is the only one that hosts us.

Eco-à-porter begins this new year in the name of these virtuous people and their credo, a year that will be full of many other stories and people who are passionate, idealistic and dreamy but also realistic and ready to fight day by day for a future a little righter and cleaner, our future, which is then that of everyone 💫

“For their to be no need to talk about ‘sustainable fashion’ because all fashion is sustainable by default” .  (Sass Brown)

“A wish for starting choosing better, better quality that lasts over time, like our B.e Quality items! ” (Pilar Morales)

“As a designer I try to do the right things first for myself and then for those interested in my production process that does not follow trends and is based on the reuse and use of guaranteed sustainable materials. So I believe in the words that accompany my photo” .(Juan C. Gordillo)

“We wish that the awareness of the importance of no-waste will be always more part of each one of us. After all, it is a wish to our mother Earth and then to all of us, each of us, who we are the guests in a certain sense. A wish also to all those are facing these holidays in resilience. Best wishes, with the heart, the only thing that we do not recycle but we must still treasure”. (Stefania and Federica of Teabag)

“We wish everyone to live in a society capable of loving more itself and the environment, which produces more orgasms and less plastic, more love and less wars. Enjoy the holidays (in the true sense of the word)! A huge hug from all of us”. (Silvia Picari)

Irene Elena of Random – Upcycling Ethic Couture

Happy new year to everybody … with the wish of a more ‘saucier’ sustainability!

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