It’s a very hot moment for sustainable fashion; together with those brands that have made ethics a standard-bearer of their style, choosing it immediately, there are also those who have just embarked on a responsible path that we hope is definitive and not dictated by current trends.

This is the case of Guess, the American jeans company founded by the Marciano brothers in 1981, famous for having imported stone-washing into the USA and then expanded to the production of accessories, beachwear, perfumes and costume jewelry, which launched the new jeans women collection with the name of Eco denim, thus reinforcing a commitment to sustainability started in 2016 with the launch of the Guess Eco line.

The Eco denim collection by Guess

But before looking more closely at the new collection, it is worth mentioning that Guess’s commitment is part of the broader Guess Sustainability Plan announced in detail in the Company’s Sustainability Report published in 2017. Since then, Guess has for example joined the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), dedicated to improving sustainability in the global cotton industry and has established a responsible procurement policy for rayon and other cellulosic materials, in an attempt to protect forests and local communities.

This year, moreover, the brand has launched, in partnership with I: CO (I: Collect), provider of global solutions for the collection, certified sorting, reuse and recycling of used shoes and clothing, the Resourced program, aimed at encouraging customers to recycle their wardrobe giving it a new life. Resourced, originally from California and then extended in the US in 2018, aims to reach a global level by 2020.

Regarding the new Eco denim collection, the style is the sensual one always linked to Guess (who does not remember the advertising campaigns with the sexy portraits of Ellen Von Unwerth?) with the skinny pants 1981 and Marilyn jeans ripped in flashy washings but oriented to decrease the ecological footprint, ensuring lower CO2 emissions and a general saving of water and energy. The same applies to the padding of the garments, made using a special material created with recycled bottles. In addition, the jeans range takes advantage of the quality of the Milanese company Candiani, which uses entirely sustainable methods for the production of its denim fabrics.

The T-shirts are made of 100% organic cotton, therefore produced with a reduced consumption of water and energy. Since the launch of the Guess Eco line in 2016, the company has saved over 2.5 million liters of water, equivalent to the amount that 1 million people can drink in a day and is considering doubling its water savings by 2021.

As always when we talk about the responsible choices of those brands not immediately accustomed to the adoption of sustainable practices, we hope the constant maintenance along with an ever-increasing commitment. And we, as always, keep an eye on them 😉

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