I would have liked to have been there yesterday morning at the scalone Arengario in Piazza Duomo in Milan for Tiziano Guardini’s spring / summer 2020 fashion show and I also know what I missed, because I remember the emotions of the last time, in February, for the presentation of the winter collection and the pleasure of seeing his collections live, as well as meeting him, who is a beautiful person. This time it was not possible for me to be physically present but I will tell you the same, so I will still let you hear a few remnants of summer, given the autumn weather these days.

Tiziano’s new work is inspired by the myth of Atlantis, which fascinates him and which represents for him the ancestral link between humanity and nature, today very at risk. A poetic vision translated into a totally sustainable collection, colorful and rich in prints, in which the masculine duets with the feminine, elements that have always characterized the designer’s creations.

Thus, suits with a striking sartorial rigor alternate with fluid long dresses, the men’s shirts are worn with the iconic wave skirts, with the addition, at times, of long and light overcoats, while the 100% organic cotton t-shirts, on which stand out slogans such as ‘Listen to the EarthBeat’ and ‘Love Me Again’, are the result of co-creation with the teeshare brand, a made in Italy transparent supply chain project launched in 2012 by Francesca Mitolo.

Then the collaborations with brands and companies that share with Tiziano Guardini the commitment to an ethical and responsible fashion come back; there is Aquafil with its regenerated Econyl yarn, used for all knitwear with a more technical flavor, but also for wave skirts and for hairstyles. Inevitable Isko, one of the most important denim producers in the world, which has again supplied the jeans in 100% organic cotton, then laser-printed rather than printed to reduce water consumption and based on designs by the artist Luigi Ciuffreda.

The denim Isko overcoat and the hairstyle with Econyl

The Tencel Lyocell fiber by Lenzing, another ‘old friend’ of us, is the ideal fabric for the shiny and multicolor stripes that Albini Donna has created exclusively for the designer, while the ‘non-violent silk’ returns which, unlike silk traditional, uses the cocoons abandoned by the chrysalises, ready to take flight, after completing their evolutionary cycle. On this silk, the historic Como textile company Mantero has experimented for the first time, at the specific request of Tiziano, a check print certified Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) or the certification of the use of ecological and social criteria of the entire textile production chain.

The light reflections of creatures and marine forms are the result of collaboration with Swarovski that has provided a selection of crystals in the exclusive “Advanced Crystals” formulation, in compliance with the most rigorous eco-sustainability requirements.

The long dress with Swarovski

Last but not least, the collaboration of Tiziano Guardini with Adidas, which since 2015 has supported ‘Parley for the Oceans’ in its communication and awareness programs, developing at the same time creative ecological innovations and cutting-edge production processes aimed at protecting the oceans from pollution of plastic waste. Parley Ocean Plastic is a material obtained by recycling recovered plastic before it reaches the beaches and coastal communities.

A constant and profitable commitment is that of Tiziano Guardini, doubly important because it is never an individual work but always involves other realities in spreading awareness and generating mutual help. Because it is the promotion of the contact between individuals and the collaboration that bring the greatest results, not only in fashion.

Thanks Tiziano and compliments!

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