Phase 2 goes on and our eco-à-porter challenge continues too, with contributions that on the one hand confirm the great creativity of the participants (yes, they continue to be always and only women) and on the other the tendency to use second hand and vintage garments, in addition to their creations, whether designers, artists or craftswomen.

Last time we had the pleasure of hosting the eco-fashion designer Carlotta Redaelli, Marica Domenighini with her OnFingerTips jewelry line and the blogger of Il Quaderno di LaLu, today it’s up to:

Victoria de Blassie, an American artist based in Florence, whom I had the pleasure of meeting personally last summer in Soci, in the province of Arezzo, on the occasion of the event ‘The breath of the earth’, where I had been invited to present eco- à-porter. Victoria works with scraps of materials recontextualising them and taking their history, form and function as a starting point; at ‘The Breath of the Earth’ she had brought her sculptures made of orange peels, with which she also makes accessories and jewelry. And it is precisely with a belt made with orange peels that Victoria participated in the challenge, inserting it on a look taken from the Resort 2019 collection by Carolina Herrera. Also interesting is the digital work that Victoria has done for the rendering of the outfit:

Federica Lazzari is also an artist; in Terni, Umbria, she makes rubber and fabric accessories (I have her own necklace by the way!) with the brand LaLaz.materialdesign but she is also a photographer and for the eco-à-porter challenge she chose an image by Peter Lindbergh with Charlotte Gainsbourg , wearing a vintage Polo Ralph Lauren white men’s shirt:

Monica Cappelletti is instead a friend, she lives in Macerata where I also live and she is the owner of Il Giardino delle cose, a shop of fashion accessories, clothing and homeware. For example, it was from her that I discovered the ethical brand Fusioni, which uses eco-fibers such as soy, milk, banana. Initially Monica did not find time to participate in the challenge, so much so that I had resigned myself, then a few days ago she sent me the photo that you will now see and the thing that I found funny, as well as truly original, is that her image was taken years ago outdoors, in Milan and the reference one found later. Monica does not remember what she wore but, let’s say, I wanted to make an exception because the combination of images is really surprising:

Last but not the least, Silvia Mazzara, in addition to being a mother, is a green personal shopper & wardrobe organizer and in her Instagram account she writes that she loves seasonal fruits and vegetables, rightly! Her choice fell on a vintage advertising of Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses, truly très chic, which she reinterpreted, good Silvia, with a turban-like head towel and a pair of vintage glasses:

What to say? I love the inventiveness and resourcefulness of these girls! I keep saying it, that sustainability is not only a feminine noun but it is really WOMAN!

A la prochaine fois, stay tuned!

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