In these last days of 2017 there is an article by Emily Farra for that talks about how this “was the year sustainable fashion got sexy”; good thing that one of the most authoritative magazines in the fashion world says it but paradoxically it does so maybe because, in general, sustainability is now a topic on everyone’s lips and in all sectors, so an attractive trend not to be missed.

Anyway it is a good news because fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world, among pesticides used for cotton farming, water consumption, synthetic materials that end up in landfill and millions of clothes thrown away every year because the fast fashion produces a lot but often in low quality and at the expense of those who work in the clothing factories of countries like India and China.

Emily Farra mention, among the pioneers of sustainable fashion, who began well before 2017 to make their style an ethical fact, Vivienne Westwood, Edun and Stella McCartney, along with the always impeccable Tom Ford, who received in September the Green Carpet Fashion Award as ‘Best International Designer Supporting Made in Italy’ for improving its ethical production practices and its support for Italian craftsmanship, Gucci for having announced, in October, its farewell to natural furs starting from the next collection (preceded by Armani last year) and many other designers who started using faux-fur in their collections.

The article talks also about the partnerships between brands and hi-tech companies for the production of alternative fabrics, such as the one between Stella McCartney and Bolt Threads, about which I talked in the post ‘The spider web‘, to create a fabric similar to silk. And it seems that many scientists, in the secret of their laboratories, are altering DNA to create “fur without the animal, silk without the worm, and leather without the cow” (hoping they do not create monsters!).

Obviously names famous names of the industry, high-end brands and stars who have committed to the cause but the world is full of well-established and emerging brands, including accessories and underwear, which make ethic and sustainability their beliefs, without showing on a catwalk or getting excellent prizes (in ethical gold though!).

When even Vogue will talk about them by putting them on the cover, maybe we can really say that ‘sustainability is sexy’!

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