G-Star RAW and Pharrell Williams launches its most sustainable jeans ever


The challenge had been launched some time ago by Pharrell Williams, yes he himself, the singer, but also co-owner since 2016 of the Dutch denim brand G-Star RAW which, a few days ago, officially launched on the market its most eco-friendly jeans ever, the Elwood RFTPi. To put it in a word, or rather with an acronym, G-Star has developed a jean that has obtained the Gold Level of C2C, Cradle to Cradle certified™, the certification that evaluates the reduction of environmental impact in industrial production processes. In essence, Pharrell and his team have been working to improve everything that could be improved in a clothing sector that is one of the least environmentally friendly.

And they left out nothing: from raw material, to rivets, to packaging.


For washing, one of the most important phases in the production of jeans because it gives the denim the main visual characteristics, but also more polluting and harmful for the environment and for workers, G-Star has reduced the consumption of water by the canons 75 to 10 liters per garment. Furthermore, the Laser and Ozone technologies taken over the factories where denim is washed, eliminate manual labour and the use of harmful substances.

The cotton is 100% organic, ie produced without the use of pesticides and using 91% less water and 62% less energy, with the consequent halving of carbon dioxide emissions. Thanks to the collaboration with external companies, also the chemicals in the realization of the characteristic indigo dyeing, the famous blue jeans, were reduced. Completely eco-friendly then, buttons, zippers and other finishing that have hitherto prevented the complete recycling of jeans. Even the labels are made of recycled polyester and there is no trace of plastic in the packaging but only certified paper and carton.

The most sustainable jean ever
Needless to say, the brand has not forgotten the workers, improving their working conditions, often at the center of journalistic scandals because they are extremely poor, thanks to the collaboration with partners who work directly in the production countries, such as in Vietnam.


And if all this was not enough, the company makes available to other producers all the resources and skills developed over the last few years; because, according to the website, sustainability works only if it is shared. Certainly the competition for those who are better or arrives before is part of the marketing game, as well as self-consecration. Furthermore, as we know, business is still business.

The good news, however, remains. Because competing for becoming more ecological can only bring good results: a healthier environment and a more ethical world for everyone.
And if Pharrell wants to wear a superhero costume, let’s just say it’s 100% sustainable, like his new jeans.


Novella Di Paolo

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