‘Love Collection’ by Be Quality, the love you wear

Pilar Morales has blue and shining eyes, and if it were not for its Spanish accent, it would seem she came from the North. Instead she is Peruvian and exudes warmth like the rocks of the Andes at sunset, which have absorbed the sun’s rays all day long. Pilar is a textile engineer, like her father, has 20 years of experience in the fashion industry in Europe and a dream: producing hugs. Or rather weaving and selling them as clothing, a concrete and extremely supportive project born from a feeling, love, that is what the engineer feels for mankind and nature, two sides of the same coin which, due to progress, are moving away more and more from each other, creating emotional and psychological imbalances on an increasing number of people. To say it there are numerous scientific researches that see as a solution the recovery of the touch with themselves. First of all physically, to go back to feel real needs and not those imposed by society. This is where the ‘Love Collection’ by the South American designer comes into play, a capsule collection that is a naturale continuation of Be Quality, the brand founded by Pilar.
You wear love, Pilar says. Starting right from hugs, because hug is a primordial gesture that expresses affection and protection and is good, research on this, even for the heart. Even more the garments of this particular collection are made of a particular Peruvian cotton, the Pima, a very ancient plant cultivated and already worked by the Inca, who considered it a gift from the gods and in fact is known as the ‘cashmere of the cottons’, a material that Pilar would like to make it more accessible, not as niche as it is now. Soft and shiny, it amplifies in contact with skin the pleasant sensations that the ‘Love Collection’ proposes to give, the same sensations awakened by a love story, in this case told by different items of clothing, scarves, t-shirts and dresses and by a series of gestures, the first of which is the hug.


Ethically and responsibly produced, respecting the ground, using only environmentally friendly and biodegradable materials, guaranteeing workers a right wage and adequate working conditions, the garments of the ‘Love Collection’ are made to last over time and to continue to give to whom wears them the sensations of the first day.

The ‘Love Collection’ scarf Courtesy of Be Quality
But ‘Hug’ is just the first of a series that Pilar would like to expand more and more, that is not to stop hugging but continue to write this love story, thus proposing a new concept of fashion. This is why she has launched a crowdfunding  that can be attended until the first of June, by booking one of the models proposed on the site in different combinations and at a discounted price compared to the list price.
By taking part in the project – explains Pilar – each of you will make us feel like you believe in the idea and intent to go back to the really important things of life, as well as helping us to start with the first production of the ‘Hug’ garments and contribute actively to more human clothing “.
Novella Di Paolo



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