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Eco-à-porter has talked about the movement and activities of the Fashion Revolution several times, dedicating a lot of attention to it before and during the last week of last April but this is a revolution that goes on all year long and offers always new opportunities to get inside the fashion industry. Like the free online course organized for the month of June by the movement in partnership with the University of Exeter, aimed at anyone with an interest in fashion, trade, ethics and activism, including those already involved in the Fashion Revolution movement. It is also suitable for teachers who want to enrich their school, further education, and higher education curricula.

What topics will the course cover? It will be very diversified: Geography, Fashion and Textile, English Language, Historical Enquiry, Politics, Sociology, Art, Economics, Environmental Studies, Global Citizenship, Sustainable Development, Personal and Social Studies, all through accessible tools and simple techniques that will allow to enter and investigate the fashion industry in depth. Knowing it from inside, with its dynamics, will allow students to become participants in the change, actively influencing it to value people, the environment, creativity and profit in equal measure.

One of the question or maybe the question that Fashion Revolution invites people to do is ‘who made my clothes?’; well, this course will allow to gain knowledge and practical skills for thinking about our global economy and who makes our clothes, teaching in particular the composition of the garment supply chain, exploring the interdependence of places, resources, and the people upon which supply chains rely, investigating our own clothing: its brand, where it was made, and from what materials, identifying and employing search techniques for investigating the policies employed by clothing brands. And, again, demonstrating empathetic writing about the stories of garment production, reflecting on how to use our findings to influence brands.

To join the course all you need is access to an internet browser, and word processing software. For any further information and for joining the course here is the link.

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