Sustainable denim at the fifth edition of the Isko I-Skool contest


Focus on sustainability for Isko I-Skool, the international competition created by Isko, the world’s leading denim giant, which has been committed for years to make more sustainable one of the most polluting products in the sector, and by Creative Room, Isko’s style and design center located in Italy. A few nights ago, exactly on 10 and 11 July in Milan at BASE-Milano, 12,000 square meters of laboratories, spaces for exhibitions, shows, workshops, conferences rebuilt inside the former Ansaldo, were held the final evenings of the competition now in its fifth edition, which has rewarded some students from the most important fashion schools in the world.

Denim, material of choice for the contest, has been dealt this year with the theme ‘UnDocumented’ or, as explained by Fabio Di Liberto, brand director Isko “we asked the students to overcome their limits of knowledge. The theme of sustainability is multidimensional and as such has been dealt with, we have brought young people our sustainable vision, our thinking related to positive and responsible change and they have responded with their own interpretations, ideas that start from the primary ingredient that it is sustainable, responsible, certified denim at the service of creativity”. In addition to the twenty finalists of the Denim Design Award, the theme was also developed by the students finalists of the Marketing Award, coming from the most influent schools of marketing and communication worldwide, who had to design a professional marketing project applied to the denim industry, always bearing in mind the ‘sustainability’ factor.

As for the awards, for the marketing section the UnDocumented Award went to Gina Paljusevic of the Parsons School of Fashion in New York, while for the ‘design’ one, won Jaeha Im of the Seoul Esmod, awarded by our eco-sustainable designer Tiziano Guardini, I underline it because he will be the guest of the next ‘Monthly interview’! Just Guardini was supported by Isko for his collection presented at the Milan Fashion Week last February, made mainly in denim, naturally green because made of regenerated cotton.

Emerging talents, therefore, that reward other budding talents, for a future in which even denim will have, and already begins to have, a key role among ecological fabrics.


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