In the July interview with Tiziano Guardini, among other things, it was found his participation in the short film “Made in Forests”, realized by the Pistoletto Foundation in partnership with the ‘Forests Department’ of the ‘United Nations economic commission for Europe’ (Unece / Fao) and the United Nations troupe Web TV (Un Live), in which the actress Michelle Yeoh, ‘goodwill ambassador’ of the project, follows the creation of a 100% sustainable dress created for her by Guardini at Cittadellarte Fashion B.E.S.T., an operative workshop which has been committed to the development of sustainability within the textile sector since 2009. I watched the short film, as I told myself to do, and talking about it in more detail, it also gives me the opportunity to talk also about the whole project of which ‘Made in Forests’ is part of.

The screening of the documentary took place on July 16th at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, on the occasion of the High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development; the short film, lasting just over seven minutes, has as protagonist, as I said, Michelle Yeoh, who goes to Cittadellarte to follow the realization of the dress in Tencel, natural fiber extracted from the eucalyptus tree, created for her by Tiziano Guardini, a dress that she will wear at the presentation of the film. The actress works with the designer, gives advice, a beautiful human and creative exchange is born. The realization of the garment is the final destination of a path focused on the environmentally importance of the forests and, in the specific case of the film, in the world of sustainable fashion, in which many materials are derived from trees.

Tiziano Guardini e Michelle Yeoh at work – courtesy of Tiziano Guardini

But the short film is only one part of the project, significantly titled ‘Forests for Fashion – Fashion for Forests’; in addition to the dress designed by Tiziano Guardini for Michelle Yeoh, during the Forum, in a dedicated section, were also featured the clothes made, always in Tencel and always in Cittadellarte, by Flavia La Rocca, Silvia Giovanardi and Silvio Betterelli, three designers that put sustainability and attention to the environment at the center of their work.

Flavia La Rocca presented a military green dress with zippers with recycled polyester ribbon and ceramic buttons, in four modules (modularity is part of her stylistic code) with which you can create more than ten different looks, so that the concept of sustainability refers not only to the creative process but also to the conceptual one. Silvia Giovanardi, creative director and co-founder of Wrad, a brand we talked about in last March’s interview, created a dress composed of a top dyed in natural indigo and chlorophyll on which stand two tigers that support a slogan: ‘collective empowerment’ and of a skirt dyed with recycled graphite powder, on which are applied upside down flowers, symbol of mistreated nature. While Silvio Betterelli, with his sheath dress, shows, through a reversed world map, one of the approaches to produce in a sustainable way that is reversing the points of view, enhancing the ‘forgotten’ countries of the South of the world.

It is nice to see our designers involved in international projects, even more that their commitment to ethical and sustainable fashion is recognized by bodies such as the UN. I believe that also these synergies help the development of a more conscious and ‘clean’ approach to production and then also the purchase of our clothing, as well as the respect for the environment.


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