Courtesy of Miss Janna

Nope, the summer is not over, even if it is almost September, even if for many people holidays are already a memory (and then I did not even have them ?!), even if there has been a momentary sudden drop in temperature . So yes, it’s still time for swimsuits, especially if they are eco-sustainable like the ones eco-à-porter has already talked about, as appealing as the names of their brands: Anekdot, Marble Swimwear, Aniela Parys.

I discovered Miss Janna thanks to a globetrotter German friend, lucky him, who knows the blog and when he finds themed inspirations, tells me; some time ago he sent me this postcard, which I framed to make a post on the Instagram profile of eco-à-porter and from which I started to gather information on the brand, which is Swedish, from Göteborg and is called as its founder, Janna (Drakeed).

From a postcard of Miss Janna

One thing that strikes immediately is the vintage allure, not only in the hairstyles and in the poses of the models but especially in the style of the swimwear, which takes inspiration from the 40s and 50s pin up, with the bikinis composed of wraparound bra and high-waisted culottes and the one-piece that today we would call ‘compression’, almost a playsuit, with the panty like a short but no less sexy and feminine. The idea came to the designer asking her customers what they wanted from a swimsuit, the answer was comfort and appeal, because the existing models seemed too sporty or tiny or otherwise covering.

Courtesy of Miss Janna

What is not visible, however, but it is the fundamental characteristic of the brand is its eco-sustainability; the swimsuits are in fact strictly handmade in ECONYL®, yes, just that Italian fabric we have already talked about, the one regenerated by fishing nets and other industrial waste. Like other designers who produce ecological swimwear lines using ECONYL, even Janna Drakeed recognizes that the material has proved to be stronger and more durable than the virgin nylon over the years.

So, in addition to the appealing aesthetics, made to accentuate the beauty of the female body without revealing too much, the brand aims to contribute to the preservation of the planet, avoiding the use of new fossil resources and simultaneously reducing the tide (literally, since plastics now infest the oceans!) of existing waste.

Miss Janna sells well in Sweden but also in the rest of Europe, a sign that, beyond aesthetics and a line that emphasizes the right places, the ethical aspect is held in high regard, indeed, sometimes it is what convinces purchase more than the model or a particular print (Miss Janna’s swimwear is either plain or with vintage-inspired floral and marine motifs).

So come on women, that the summer is not over yet and maybe now you can also find something super-on sale! 😉

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