Juan Carlos Gordillo at the Vienna Fashion Week - courtesy of Lenzing

I have already talked about Lenzing AG, the historic Austrian company that works in the textile sector, for example about companies committed to producing sustainable viscose; Lenzing is one of these, with cellulose, the basic material for its fibers, which is a natural component of wood, extracted and processed according to a sustainable circular model, focusing on the conservation of resources and environmental protection.

Juan Carlos Gordillo – courtesy of Lenzing

Among the materials produced by Lenzing there is Tencel™, a thousand qualities and a thousand uses fiber also declined in denim with the denomination of Tencel ™ Denim. This is what I was getting at, because at the last edition of the just ended Vienna Fashion Week, the Guatemalan designer Juan Carlos Gordillo showcased with an eco-oriented collection: among the 30 outfits, 15 were made of recycled fabrics and 15, precisely, of Tencel ™ Denim.

Juan Carlos Gordillo, who started his own business with a crowdfunding initiative, he does not like to follow trends; everything is down to his creative instincts, which are deeply routed in a passion for country- style aesthetics and in a true commitment to leave the world better than we found it. Hence the use of natural and recycled fabrics and the constant search for sustainable ways to produce his own clothes.

The collaboration with Lenzing was therefore born in a natural way, with the designer delighted to be able to use a fabric that was made with a process friendly to the environment and with the Austrian company that, on the other hand, willingly supported the work of Gordillo for its commitment to eco-sustainable fashion.

Juan Carlos Gordillo with his models and Marco Schlimpert, SVP Lenzing – Courtesy of Lenzing

And the collection? It is titled ‘Discover’ and it is first and foremost a call to explore ourselves and to be consciously aware of the world around us, opening up to uncharted sceneries. The protagonist is a modern cowgirl who, along the legendary Route 66, feels a strong desire for evasion and adventure; translated, oversized lines alternating with slim lines, dresses of various lengths with contrasting applications, shirts and patchwork jackets. And then ruffles, asymmetries, floral prints, all with a strong Latin accent. And the Tencel ™Denim with its known blue hues.

We like Juan Carlos Gordillo, so I think we will go deeper into the work of this committed and sensitive designer, perhaps with an interview! And we also like collaborations between brands and companies when they have common goals in terms of sustainability. Then if it happens in Vienna, a wonderful place that I know and love particularly, even better!

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