Saneras FW1819 - courtesy of Saneras

I think it’s not the first time I talk about the fantastic connections that are created thanks to this blog, a sort of surprising domino effect in which a designer recalls a brand that calls another that in turn introduces an event, a fair, a fashion week, in which I discover another brand and so on.

Siliana e Serena Arena di Saneras – courtesy of Saneras

This is how it happened with Saneras. Among the brands that took part in the last Helsinki Fashion Week, I was struck by this new Italian ready-to-wear (RTW) brand born from the union of the names and ideas of the Roman twin sisters Siliana and Serena Arena, degree in fashion design at the Academy of Fine Arts and many years of experience in fashion and in other sectors that led them to the realization of their brand this year.

And what fashion idea do Siliana and Serena have in mind? First of all, something that reflects them and I think it’s right: the two sisters define themselves as wandering souls, deeply in love with journeys to remote places, rarely visited by tourists, open sincerely towards the world with its colors, smells, perfumes and sensations, lovers of Nature and the Earth to be guarded with sensitivity and respect.

Inevitably, therefore, that Saneras reflects this harmonious feeling between human being and nature, choosing high quality materials, natural and sustainable, and proposing clothes free from the passenger trends, because the idea is that of an eternal beauty, made to last, so, yes, even classic but full of unexpected and captivating details.

Saneras FW1819 – courtesy of Saneras

Saneras, in addition to sustainable materials, also wants to support the production of local fashion, so the garments are designed and created with the collaboration of selected atelier in Rome, small ambassadors of Italian tailoring culture.

The collections are developed around the concept of ‘capsule wardrobe’, an essential representation of women’s wardrobe, with the goal of providing each woman with essential but functional and combinable clothes and paying more attention to each individual garment, making the Saneras dress experience a calm re-appropriation of time and sensations. In short, quality and not quantity.

‘Richiamo – chapter I’ is the title of the winter 2018/2019 ‘capsule wardrobe’ and is the aesthetic representation of the values at the base of the brand. GOTS certified natural and vegetable fibers, a mixture of each other, or 100%, treated to get a ‘peach’ hand and a soft finish in contact with the skin for total comfort.

I talked before about a classic, eternal style, made to last over time but with unexpected details, like knots at the cuffs of the jackets, wraparound closures and sashed belts, drapes and pleats where you least expect them, for example on the back of a dress.

Hemp and nettle, fibers returned to the limelight in recent years, are among the materials used by Saneras; hemp, which is once again being cultivated in Italy, is one of the most sustainable fibers because it requires little water, uses little soil and does not need pesticides or other chemicals. Even nettle does not require the use of herbicides and anti-parasitic but, compared to hemp, is a very difficult fiber to grow, also for this very valuable, the fabric that is obtained has an ‘airy’ weave like linen, but with a brilliance similar to silk.

Even the choice of organic cotton respects the ethics of the brand.

At the last edition of Helsinki Fashion Week, where I discovered them, Siliana and Serena brought the continuation of their capsule wardrobe or ‘Richiamo – Chapter II’, summer 2019. What I wish and what I wish the twin sisters is that Saneras is like an endless book full of ever-new and compelling chapters that eco-à-porter will be happy to share.

Good luck, girls!





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