#3 Fashion Revolution fanzine - courtesy of Fashion Revolution

People of eco-à-porter, Fashion Revolution’s fanzine # 3 is in pre-order! On 28 August the movement launches, with the title of ‘Fashion, Environment, Change’, its third bi-annual collectible magazine, created to uncover the stories behind the clothing we wear.

La copertina della fanzine #3 – courtesy of Fashion Revolution

After ‘Money Fashion Power’ e ‘Loved Clothes Last‘, ‘Fashion, Environment, Change’ is about the thorny relationship that the fashion’s industry has with greenhouse gases, ocean plastics, and textile pollution, from the Anthropocene to Generation Z.

The Graphic Design students of Central Saint Martins have created thought provoking illustrations and visuals to give a fresh perspective on the carbon footprint of a pair of jeans; the corrosive pollution created by the textile factories of Erode in India; and why shoe and bag brands need to get to know their tanneries.

A team of experts, writers, poets and campaigners examine then how fashion can lessen its impact on the planet for future generations; Orsola De Castro, co-founder of Fashion Revolution, says that “demanding accountability is the next frontier. We need to look at a fashion horizon that goes beyond just loving a brand because it looks good, but trusting it because it does good.”

Other statements from the contributors of this new issue, that of Lilian Liu, CSR Fashion Manager of Partnerships at united Nations Global Compact: “Not only do we waste precious natural resources and energy in creating the textiles, but decomposing fabrics releases methane, a harmful greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming”, while the fashion journalist and editor Tamsin Blanchard says: “Junk food; junk clothes, a generation raised to excess. Together we must all clean up the mess, say slow down, we have enough.” Model Arizona Muse says to imagine a world in which every human being regarded water as a sacred element, treated it with respect, guarded it ferociously from our pollution. “Imagine if we were all water warriors. What a beautiful world this would be.”

And this of course is just a taste. The rest at the coming out of the fanzine.

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