Tiziano Guardini SS19 - Milan Fashion Week September 2018. Copyright: Giusy de Ceglia

I come back to talk about Tiziano Guardini, who has already been a guest of the ‘Monthly interview’ and of other posts for his constant commitment to a fashion that is as natural and sustainable as possible. Yesterday morning at Milan Fashion Week the Roman eco-designer showcased with his spring-summer 2019 collection entitled ‘Palm Madness’, confirming with themes, clothes and above all materials that the harmony that Tiziano seeks in life is the same that inspires his work.

The Californian spirit made of ocean scents, palms, diving and bonfires on the beach permeates the co-ed collection (the men’s addition is a news) that stands out for its vivid colors, often neon-toned, the famous waves, stylistic element dear to the designer, tropical camouflage, passing through the ancient tale of the hummingbird, which Titian told us in the interview and that perfectly describes his work as well as his lifestyle.

As for the garments, comfortable lines, sometimes over, suitable for those who like to be wrapped and not forced by their clothing and embrace life with dynamism and joy.

Parkas and windbreakers are made of ECONYL, the nylon yarn from the recovery of fishing nets and plastic material in the sea, which we have already talked about on the World Oceans Day, while cotton for sweaters and sweatshirts comes from Filmar, an Italian company that has taken on a commitment to sustainability with Greenpeace’s Detox certification and the Cotton For Life project.

For the denim garments, instead, comes back the collaboration of Guardini with Isko, the only company that has both the Nord Swam Ecolabel and EU Ecolabel certifications with the Earthfit collection.

Even accessories, from bags to shoes, are made of eco-sustainable materials, in particular of Evo, a yarn coming from castor oil that is produced with great savings in water.

These just mentioned companies are all realities, which we will talk about further, even more so because they are made in Italy and confirm that even the Italian entrepreneurs want and can be leaders in the sustainable.

Congratulations to Tiziano Guardini, we of eco-à-porter too, we’ll keep a little bit of your ‘Palm Madness’! 😉


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